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Advocate I

Some dashboard tiles not updating, however the underliing reports are.



I have a dashboard which connects to about 3 different reports. I have found that every now and again some tiles will get stuck on the previous numbers and not updated on the dash even through the reports which the tiles were created from and pinned are updated.


I can delete the tile from the dash and pin it back to the dashboard from the report and it works for a while, but they seem to get stuck again.


how can I prevent the tiles from becoming stuck and not refreshing with the linked report?


Thank you,


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I see this problem has been going on for a couple years now with no resolution so this makes my frustration even more frustrating...I have about a dozen different dashboards and none of them will refresh tiles when updated.  


I would like to see an official statement from Microsoft as to whether this is going to be resolved.  Thinking about cancelling my Pro license agreement and moving everything to Tableau.



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I have the same issue.  The tiles on my dashboard are from 2 different reports. The tiles from the report 1 work normally but the tiles from the report 2 never get refereshed. The reports are updated. Any update for this issue? Thanks!

I'm having the same issue. My reports are all updating fine and my scheduled daily data refresh is working too. None of my Dashboard tiles are updating though. Manually refreshing the Dashboard Tiles does nothing....

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I am still having the same problem . The tiles do not refresh, however the report is updated.


I usually have to manually go and re-open the dashboard in order to refresh.


Hope a solution will be found soon!



Resolver IV
Resolver IV

Does any one have any update on this ? I am facing the same issue . Can someone from the @PowerBI team helpout please .

Community Champion
Community Champion

My last correspondence (last week) was that this had been solved. Once a repin occurs  after last week, it should fix the problem.


My problem may have been caused by my changing the filters each week. I was filtering down to a certain week number and pinning the tile. The next week I would change that week and my data would not refresh to the dashboard. I attribute this to pinning a filtered tile but that has not been confirmed as of yet.  The live page pin fixed that for me and they are checking to see if changing the filters will allow update moving forward.

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Advocate I
Advocate I

Not a solution but more of a bandaid, we have found that if the dashboard tiles are not updating to open the dashboard on the mobile app, once it loads to the mobile app the tiles within the 365 site will update at the same time.



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I'm having the same issue with data backed by a Visual Studio Online data feed.  I update the data and refresh the reports and some of the tiles on the dashboard update and some do not.  Currently, my work-around is to delete the tile from the dashboard and repin it.  Definitely not ideal.

This issue has been reported and I am still awaiting a reply from the fiddler's trace I sent in. I will update if I hear anything and would appreciate any information on this you all have.

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I'm seeing the same thing -- the report is updating, but the dashboard is stuck on data from a few days ago.  Has anyone found a fix for this?  Thanks!

They are working on it. If you click the support and then help tab you will see it listed as a confirmed issue. I have not received an ETA on a fix for my support ticket but I did receive confirmation it was being looked into for a solution.

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Power Participant
Power Participant

I have observed that tiles pinned on dashboard using Q&A refreshes properly when scheduled refresh but reports usually takes time to get updated on dashbaord or in others case it fails

This seems similar to the Google Analytics issues that have been discussed with the mobile apps not updating. I have also seen the Google Analytics tiles in the service "stuck on stupid" since basically I built the dashboard using the service content pack. Essentially, the tiles on the dashboard in the Service never update but if I click on them, the updated data displays (although not in the Power BI mobile app).

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I'm having this issue using the Analysis Services connector.  I have two or three dashboards that randomly do not update for  2 or 3 days and then just randomly start updating again.  The underlying reports update when I click a tile from the dashboard, so I know it's not an issue with the connector or data not being updated.  I have the data sources setup to be processed every couple of minutes, so they are constantly being updated.  Any suggestions? 

@Kbersani by "Stuck" you mean the tiles never refresh? How often did you check for changes? Tiles don't refresh on the same schedule as a report, typically they update after a little while, that isn't to suggest that you don't have an issue (because there have been a couple threads that randomly pop up from time to time where multiple users are experiencing the problem.

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Correct, the tiles never refresh. I check them daily and they have not updated for 3 days. I can actuallly refresh the data and watch some tiles from the same report refresh but the ones that are "stuck" stay the same.

I have had a similar problem. In some reports, I have similar data- so 2 different reports might produce the same tile ( meaning, the same data presented in the same way). On report A- the tile doesn't refresh, but on report B- the tile with the same data and same refresh rate changes in correlation to the main report . 

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