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Small multiples feedback thread

Hi all,


This month marks the release of the public preview version of small multiples! We're excited for you to try it out, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions on the feature. 


If you haven't already, check out the blog post here to learn more about how to use small multiples and what we have planned for the feature. Then let us know here or via this survey what you think of the feature! 


- the Power BI small multiples squad

Advocate III
Advocate III

Is there something being worked on?
We gradually stopped recommending this feature in our Organization! Tiles with smaller data is literally impossible to compare and ananlyis.  

Super User
Super User

@msftrien  is this feature no longer being developed? Are the gaps still being worked on? Thanks

Since small multiples was made generally available, we've moved the additional features to the broader visuals backlog. The top feature of these is unsynchronized y axes, which we hope to have for you soon, but I don't have any more specific of an ETA than that! 

Super User
Super User

Is there any ETA for when concatenate labels will be supported with small multiples? The issue is described perfectly in this thread:

Super User
Super User

@msftrien I'm still waiting for milestones as listed here


Is there some kind of ETA? Thanks.

Regular Visitor

It would be nice to be able to make the grid dimension dynamic. Per example, if the small multiples are years, the grid dimension is set to 2x2 and only one specific year is selected, it will show the visual in 2x2 with values only on one of the multiple. I would like to be able to see only the selected years without seeing blank multiple in the visual.

Helper II
Helper II



Just discovered an issue when copying the visual to put in a word or PowerPoint doc. Any small multiples graph just comes up blank. Normal graphs working fine

We have also noticed this issue.

We have noticed the same.

Frequent Visitor

Hello, I am experiencing the following issue with a bar chart when using small multiples.

The bars showing the values of different amounts are out of proportion, unless the Start of the X-axis is set to 0.
The scale of the bars appears normal once the small multiples field is removed.

View below the first chart (with Currency as the Small multiple) showing disproportionate bar sizes for different fields (all with same format) and the 2nd chart with the removal of the small multiples show the proper scaling for the bars.


Does any one have any idea on how to fix it without setting the X-axis Start to 0 (since negative values are also applicable)?

Thank you very much in advance! 

Frequent Visitor

This is another more outstanding example of the disproportion of the bar charts under small multiples


Has anyone else faced something similar?

Do you mind sending me a PBIX w/ repro of this issue? Looks like a bug. 

Helper III
Helper III

It should not always share the axis. There should be an option. The idea of sharing axis value is good. But sometimes we just want to see trends, some windows look good while others cannot be seen because value difference is large. In that case, we want to turn off shared axis value.



Thank you for the feedback. Yes, unshared/unsynchronized Y axis is high on our backlog of features to add. Although we're stretched thin with commitments to many other high-priority features, do know that this is something we find important for small multiples.

Regular Visitor


I just tried to use small multiple with a calculation group and the result it's not as i expected.

In my calculation group, i have 2 items. 1 item formatted in percent and the other as a whole number. 

as you can see in the picture below, The Y axis is formatted in percent for the both items. Ideally it should follow the Format String Expression of the item. Also if the ranges for each multiple can be unsynchronized it will give a better display. 



Hope this feedback is clear.



I have the exact same requirement. However I have three different formats. $, Count and %

1. Total Sales Amount ($)
2. Total Orders (#)
3. Percentage Change over time (%)
All three share same X Axis, tell the same story with different data point. Hence a good candidate to be added in Calculation Group and Small Multiple.
Wish each cell uses Formating String defined in the Calculation Group

Not applicable

I'm using the line & stacked column chart type with no secondary Y-axis, and the Auto Y-axis scaling doesn't behave properly for small multiples.  Here's the chart with small multiples disabled:




and here's the same chart with small multiples enabled:




With small multiples, the values for the line don't seem to be considered when generating the Auto Y-axis; the line is cut off at the top and does not cover the entire X-axis.


Sorry for the late reply -- is this still an issue? If so, I'll bring it up with the dev team. 

@msftrien I'm getting the exact issue described above as of today. Should this be fixed already?

Not applicable


Thank you for bringing Small Multiple to Power BI. I am already using and this feature is really a value addition.

If we receive below features, then surely we remove some complex DAX Measures, 

1. Data Colours for small multiples. not only just by axis
2. Scrolling to next small multiple with a next button and Previous button or scroll one row at once


Hope the points are clear. 
Thank you

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