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Slicer with measures that controls the same measures in graph

I have created this graph and a slicer with the same measures. Now I want to control with the slicer the measures. So I want to select for instance actual cumulative and target cumulative so that only these will show in the graph like they are now showing in the graph 1





Example DAX of 1 measure I created

Planned cumulative =
var _ac = countx(filter(allselected('Measure'), 'Measure'[Metric] ="Planned Cumulative"),'Measure'[Metric])
    SUM('ISOD vwISO Actual vs Planned 2'[Planned]),
        ALLSELECTED('ISOD vwISO Actual vs Planned 2'[NextFridayDate]),
        ISONORAFTER('ISOD vwISO Actual vs Planned 2'[NextFridayDate], MAX('ISOD vwISO Actual vs Planned 2'[NextFridayDate]), DESC)
How am I able to use the slicer that shows the selected measures in the graph like the visual (but then only the ones I selected)
The slicer is a table created with only the names of the easures used in the graph




Community Support
Community Support

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Super User
Super User

@PrinceII So typically you would have a disconnected table for you slicer and then do something like:

Measure =
  VAR __Selected = 'SlicerTable'[Measures]
  IF("Measure" IN __Selected,

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