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Slicer to remain filtered when unhiding and hiding visuals



I have 3 buttons that represent 3 different maxtrix table views that are hidden and unhidden when respective button is selected.

But i dont understand when I select an option on a slicer, and click the button the slicer does not remained filtered for the next display of visual that i unhide and hide the previous one. How does one control this as I tried sync slicers that doesnt work when you hide and unhide visuals on the same page



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @vilenm ,

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @vilenm ,

You could read the following article:

Hidden slicer still filters other visible visuals: 


Example from the article(Just copy from the article):

The first picture is what  want.The sample with 2 bookmarks, where I hide and show Group of "Visuals in BM 1"/"Visuals in BM 2". 


In reality, while I am viewing Bookmark 1, I click a button to switch to Bookmark 2, then the Country slicer (single select) will be hidden (together with the whole Group "Visuals in BM 1"). Although the Country slicer is hidden, it still affects Group "Visuals in BM 2", resulting in only 1 Country selected country in Bookmark 2. (Please see the second picture).


What I did is that first, I have to make sure that in Bookmar panel, BM 1, and BM 2 have the Data, Display, and All Visual checked.


Then in Group "Visuals in BM 1", I delete the Country slicer (single select). As you do with me, if you check now in Bookmark 2, you will see that the Country slicer (Multiple Select) will show all the countries (see picture below).



Now you go back to Bookmark 1, create again the Country slicer (single select), put that slicer back to Group "Visuals in BM 1", then update BM 1 in the Bookmark Panel (see picture below).



Now you should see the final result like the first picture.



Wish it is helpful for you!

Best Regards


Super User III
Super User III

Hi @vilenm ,


I'm assuming that the buttons are connected to bookmarks, you need to turn off the data option on the bookmark:


If this option is turn on the bookmark will save the values from when it was created and always will reset the filtering to the ones at the time of the creation.


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