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Re: Slicer default option

GOOD NEWS!! The Power BI March 2019 Update just released a custom visual called the "Power Slicer" you can import this visual from the marketplace. This visual has a million more options than the normal slicer and more importantly allows you to set a default value. This can be done by going into the format tab under the "selection" options and setting the default value to a literal in your list.

For example if you had a power slicer with a bunch of years in it:


You can set "Default Selection" to be "2019"(minus the quotes). But if you want it to be dynamic and always show the current year, then even more good news, this options accepts javascript, so you can set the "Default Selection" to "(new Date()).getFullYear"(minus the quotes)  and the Default will always be the current year. If you have a more specific need you can always google it for some javascript help, and someone on StackOverflow will probably have your answer.


Heres a link to the video (Skip to 14:43):

Hope this helps,