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Slicer Creation order



One table included in a Matrix and I'm creating a slicer on the same report page to filter this table. 


If I create the slicer directly from one field of the same table or even if I create a new table using the expression 

Selector Table = VALUES(Super5[Number])    in both situations I found a very curious result:
If the table is already included in a Matrix, the slicer appears using the format "Between", with a slider and the option to change the slicer format doesn't appear ever (I checked about enabling the header, doesn't work). The 'selection control' configuration also doesn't appear.
However, if I create the slicer first and only later I create the matrix, the option to change the slicer type appears and remains there after the matrix is created.
Why the creation order of the visual is affecting the result in this way?
Thank you!
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Super User

Are you sure that if you make the slicer bigger (vertical height) that the option to change the slicer doesn't appear?

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