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jamesfulford Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Six month data confuses visuals


My visuals are getting confused by the months.  January is Jan 2019, but is put at the left of the x-axis, instead of the right.




data 1.PNG

The data has the year in it - what is going wrong?


data 2.PNG


Thanks for the help.




Super User
Super User

Re: Six month data confuses visuals

Hi @jamesfulford


You need to have another column that is in the right order and use it with the feature "Sort by column" in the modelling pane. 

See this for more details. Since you have months spanning more than one year it'd be good to use a typical YearMonth column that you probably have in your Date table already. If not you can easily create it with something like:

YearMonth = Year('Date'[Date]) *100 + MONTH('Date'[Date]).

Then select the "Month" column you're using in your axis, press 'Sort by Column' and choose YearMonth 


Once you've set the Month column to order by YearMonth, go to your visual, click on the ellipsis on the top right corner and choose Sort by "Month" and then Sort ascending.

That should be it.



jamesfulford Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Six month data confuses visuals

Thanks, managed to get there in the end!


I created a new column with the formula:


MonthYear = [Entry Date].[Month] & " " & [Entry Date].[year]


Which gave me just the month and year from the Entry Date column and then i formatted that as a date and it worked. 


Thanks again for the help - got me on the right track!