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Simultaneous zoom of maps, is it possible?


I have a report that contains two maps. Initially, the two maps are with the same zoom level. like that 2017-11-28_17-54-50.png





When I change some controls, either the left or the right map zoom in because the rest of the map contains no data.

2017-11-28_17-55-21.pngright map zoomed in


2017-11-28_17-55-45.pngleft map zoomed in

Is there a way to link the zoom level of the maps to zoom simultaneously?





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Re: Simultaneous zoom of maps, is it possible?

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Hi @DrNesr,


I don't think there is an option to do it in Power BI currently. Here is a similar idea shared on Power BI Ideas forum. You can vote it up and add your comments there to improve Power BI on this feature. Smiley Happy