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treyno Visitor

Simple multiplecation between two data sets



I am very new to Power BI and would like to know how to do the following.


I am trying to calculate the total costs of ordering 'i5 hardware', which involves multiplying total sum of price and total units of i5s  (£1047 * 1007)- see below.




The matrix on left is summarised from a data source which has counted the number of 'i5s' in each region. 


The matrix on the left is simply a cost table from a different data source, which shows the total amount an i5 costs.


I want to display on my report the total cost to procure this hardware. This would be easy on Excel but I am stumped how to do it on Power Bi. 


I have a feeling this may involve adding a measure? But again, as mentioned, I am very new to Power BI and DAX so any step-by-step advice on this would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,





dramus Established Member
Established Member

Re: Simple multiplecation between two data sets

I'm not sure what the data model looks like. But I created two data tables that matched up with what you have in your screenshot.


Then I created a measure :


Total i5 Costs = sum(Table1[i5])*sum(Table2[Price])


I suspect that your model is more complicated than you are showing. If so, you are probably looking at using SUMX(), rather than SUM().

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