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Show any rows that feature a column's value (in a matrix table)

Hi everyone, 


I would really appreciate some help in figuring this out! I have tried to search for a solution, but could not identify any (but I'm also new to PowerBI).


Here is a photo of my current matrix table:

Screenshot 2022-11-17 164257.png

I want to see all group chat conversations that feature a particular role (E.g. Engineer). I know that I can filter the column Row (e.g. filter for Engineers), but it only shows the messages by Engineers. But I'd like to see the entire group chat conversation where an Engineer is featured. So, essentially i'd ideally see the above photo without group chat ID 123 (since an engineer isn't part of the gc). 


I have also tried to add conditional formatting to the column Role where it colours for a particular role. But we ideally do not want to comb through the data to see where it is highlighted. I could not find a solution where we could sort by colour (like google sheets).


Thank you!!

Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor
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Community Champion

the point is to reorganize your data. The chat ID shall be in an individual column, instead of mixed with dates. 


Thank you for your help! However, the chat ID is already in an individual column. It is just that I have placed the data into a matrix (Group Chat ID and Date is added to rows, and the rest of the columns have been added to values). 

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