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Shift data left to null cell

I'm wondering if it is possible to replicate the Excel trick where you select all empty cells using crtl-g, delete values and shift cells left. I'm exporting and merging data from 100s of pdfs and even though the columns line up in the PDFs, for whatever reason, in the output in Power Query, some of the PDFs have columns with null values. It seems like it would be easy to fix if I could just shift data left to null cells so that all the data lines up. Is there a way to replicate the sift cells left functionality in Power Query, or perhaps another approach to solve this issue?


Before -

Col 1  Col 2  Col 3  Col 4

 1        null       1        1

 1         1         1      null

 1         1         1      null


After -

Col 1  Col 2  Col 3  Col 4

 1         1        1      null

 1         1         1      null

 1         1         1      null




Super User I
Super User I

@PBIhelp1 -

Possibly merge the columns (2,3,4), delimit by space, then trim, then split column by space?

    Source = Table.FromRows(Json.Document(Binary.Decompress(Binary.FromText("i45WMlTSUQIiQzCO1YmGsiAYi0AsAA==", BinaryEncoding.Base64), Compression.Deflate)), let _t = ((type text) meta [Serialized.Text = true]) in type table [Column1 = _t, Column2 = _t, Column3 = _t, Column4 = _t]),
    #"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"Column1", Int64.Type}, {"Column2", Int64.Type}, {"Column3", Int64.Type}, {"Column4", Int64.Type}}),
    #"Merged Columns" = Table.CombineColumns(Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Changed Type", {{"Column2", type text}, {"Column3", type text}, {"Column4", type text}}, "en-US"),{"Column2", "Column3", "Column4"},Combiner.CombineTextByDelimiter(" ", QuoteStyle.None),"Merged"),
    #"Trimmed Text" = Table.TransformColumns(#"Merged Columns",{{"Merged", Text.Trim, type text}}),
    #"Split Column by Delimiter" = Table.SplitColumn(#"Trimmed Text", "Merged", Splitter.SplitTextByDelimiter(" ", QuoteStyle.Csv), {"Merged.1", "Merged.2"}),
    #"Changed Type1" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Split Column by Delimiter",{{"Merged.1", Int64.Type}, {"Merged.2", Int64.Type}})
    #"Changed Type1"

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That works when the null spaces are at the start or end, but I'm actually trying to apply this solution to many columns at once ( I should have mentioned this) and the TRIM function does not seem to work for extra spaces between text.

@PBIhelp1: I would like to know how to shift cells too. Did you ever come up with a solution?


Share some data and show the expected result.

Ashish Mathur

@Ashish_Mathur: I need to pull this data weekly for reports, but the system shifts the column name when exporting it to a CSV file. Thank you for any tips you can give.

Before >>>

Part #PartType<--Shift Left--Date<--Shift Left--Quantity Before
288Adult 3 Ply Face Masks (disposable)Update7/23/2020 8:27 0 97.95
288Adult 3 Ply Face Masks (disposable)Update7/23/2020 8:47 2156000 97.95
288Adult 3 Ply Face Masks (disposable)Update8/3/2020 16:21 2156000 0
288Adult 3 Ply Face Masks (disposable)Update8/3/2020 16:24 3565650 0

After >>>

Part #PartTypeDateQuantity BeforeQuantity After
288Adult 3 Ply Face Masks (disposable)Update7/23/2020 8:27097.95
288Adult 3 Ply Face Masks (disposable)Update7/23/2020 8:47215600097.95
288Adult 3 Ply Face Masks (disposable)Update8/3/2020 16:2121560000
288Adult 3 Ply Face Masks (disposable)Update8/3/2020 16:2435656500


Simply delete the columns with the heading of Date and Quantity before and rename the columns with no headings to Date and Quantity before.

Ashish Mathur

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