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Sharepoint Online Lists Column names

Hi, I'm currently working on a Power BI development and I face a  issue I don't find anywhere here in the community, when I change a column name in sharpeoint list, it changes in power BI and dashboard stop working.



I'm a consultant, so I don't have a direct acces to the client's premiun workspace and my workflow goes that way:

I develop/make changes in the dashboard > Send it to cliente IT > IT publish it in premiun workspace (just open and publish) > IT set automatic refresh


Everything was going fine until it was needed to change some column names in sharepoint list for better user understandment, then the automatic refresh crashed because column was not found (system message "The 'MILA' column does not exist in the rowset. Table: Iniciativas." MILA is tha column that was changed)


The problem:

When I opend the report, on my computer, to change the column name, it keeps the orginal sharepoint column name (MILA) and not the changed name (MATURIDADE). But, when client opens the report, on his computer, power BI read the actual column name (MATURIDADE) and not the original (MILA).


I don't find where I change my setting to get the actual columns names on the report, because now everytime that a change is needed I need to add aditional query steps - on my computer - to change the columns name to the actual columns names (lets call them rename1) and steps to set the renamed columns (renamed1) back to the original names (lets call this rename2), so all my measures and visual works, then send it to client IT. Then client IT need to open the report and remove all the rename1 steps, because on their side power bi read actual names.


Adicional Info:

Where on the exactly same version of power BI (2.92.943.0 64-bit (abril de 2021))

I'm using for database "Sharepoint Online list" - Implementation: 2.0 - View mode: ALL


my M query starts that way:

Source = SharePoint.Tables("", [Implementation="2.0", ViewMode="All"]),
#"c93fcf9a-c4cb-439b-8008-3d06ecf670b1" = Source{[Id="c93fcf9a-c4cb-439b-8008-3d06ecf670b1"]}[Items],




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Super User IV

@diegokiill , Actually in the Advance editor (On right click of the table in edit/power query), You should able to see the column list after the code you share. You should be able to correct it there.


I think once you customer open power query they should see an error there.


The best way, if you do not have access to the system, ask the customer to add a connection and file/table again in a new file. With help, this new file correct it


I have done for excel here -


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Thanks, that's what I'm actually doing, I change the column names to the ones that will apear to the cliente (rename1), and them I set them back to the correct names (rename2), but that doesn't solve the problem because the client still needs to open the report and remove the rename1 steps. 
I wish to know how to read the new names on my report, and not the original names from the sharepoint list.

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