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Sharepoint Folder


This may be a very beginner level question but i would like to still put it through.


We store our documents from different applications in Sharepoint(Usage statistics, roles & permissions etc etc). These documents are updated per month. 

So we have a structure like 

Year (2015,2016,2017 etc) and then within that we have a month(Jan, Feb etc) and the files for that month. 


I have on excel and desktop some power queries that connect to these files on Sharepoint and get the data and some processing is done and graphs are drawn. Then per month i put the results in a different file(manual task) and draw trend charts. 


What is the best way i can do the trend reporting directly on power bi. Can it read the folders per month and do this?? 


Also i would like this automated as much as possible. 


Thanks for your feedback.

Super User IV
Super User IV

Re: Sharepoint Folder

You can read entire contents of folders. You use the Folder data source type. Not positive if you can point a folder query to a SharePoint document library, never tried that.

I have book! Learn Power BI from Packt

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Re: Sharepoint Folder

Thanks @Greg_Deckler

But i need this solution for sharepoint folders and the folders will also be changing(Jan, Feb etc etc..). 


mede Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Sharepoint Folder


Is this Sharepoint Folder synced to a local folder on your drive?

One idea is instead of using Get Data >> Sharepoint Folder connection, use the regular Get Data >> Folder connection, querying the main folder where all your sharepoint folders and files are synced.


Then work on the query editor to query these folders in the way you'd like. This way you do not have to address directly to a sharepoint link, but the whole source folder which will update automatically (when you refresh) if there is a new month folder inside.


Please provide more details or screenshots if you need a more precise answer.

Lazarohermoso Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Sharepoint Folder - Accessing an external sharepoint



I will reuse this threat as my problem is related. 


I am trying to access a sharepoint folder located in my client's account. I have been granted access and I can see the folders in the web browser. However, I cannot make it happen to get data from the sharepoint folder with Power Query or Power BI. To make it more private I will use the example of this post


I have tried: 

1) to directly point the folder:

2) to point the sharepoint:


With the following error message: "We couldn't authenticate with the credentials provided. Please try again."


I use my companies credentials which is a office 365 account. 


Any idea on how to solve this? 


Thanks in advance! 


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