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JaykeBird Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)

I come from the experience of someone not too innately familiar with Power BI Desktop.

I personally like the new Insert tab. It took me some adjusting to understand the new layout and organization, but it's not bad (for me).

I find it a bit repetitive/confusing to have "Excel", "Power BI Datasets", and "SQL Server" listed both in the Home tab and under the "Get data" menu when you're using the Simplified Ribbon. Since the group titles aren't there, it doesn't immediately make it clear if those buttons launch those programs or allow you to select data sources or what they particularly do. Having the tooltip on mouse hover is helpful, and once you learn the functions of the buttons everything is fine, but I just don't like the initial confusion. I think that in the Simplified Ribbon, you can get away with keeping these within the "Get data" menu.

I think there's a lot of UI that isn't in the Ribbon that hypothetically could be, such as: the "Format" section of the "Visualizations" pane, the functionality for renaming, deleting, and hiding pages, and some of the various commands from the context menus like "Spotlight" and "See records". I'm the type of person that likes to have all of my commands available in one place, and so this interface feels confusing and inconsistent as you have to search through context menus, sidebars, or the Ribbon to reach certain functions. This is less a complaint of the new Ribbon and just an overall UI design complaint, so take it as you may.

The black outlines around the Ribbon items is kind of weird and takes some adjusting, but honestly is a good move for accessibility. However, on the opposite token, I think the golden color chosen for the "Format" and "Data/Drill" contextual tabs don't contrast enough against the grey background. I'd suggest finding a different color to use. Another important element for accessibility is being able to access the Ribbon via the Alt key, although I understand that functionality is forthcoming.

I really dislike having the Undo and Redo buttons on the Home tab; the Office Online apps have done this, and it's frustrating. Even worse, under the simplified ribbon, the Redo button is hidden underneath the Undo button in a menu. It takes twice as many clicks to redo an action as it does to undo under the simplified ribbon. I found it an odd omission to not have the Quick Access Toolbar present, and I come to realize here that the Quick Access Toolbar was removed with this new preview design. I added my vote to the UserVoice request, but I also agree that Save, Undo, and Redo should be always present as part of a Quick Access Toolbar. Customization and other functionality don't particularly matter to me as much, but I think having those three buttons always present in all modes is.

Due to my issues with the simplified ribbon I mentioned above, I won't be continuing to use it. I'll stick with the new design though, because I do like it.

BetterIdeaGroup Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)

Another VOTE for the Power Query brand - Changing the name weakens that brand.

I think that brand has alot of power when you consider you can take a transformation from Excel and bring it right into PowerBI. Pragmatically, this let's analysts do the first pass at data cleaning and then hand it over to IT. 


Re: Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)

Good improvements. As many others have said:

  1. Save option missing (good that you are working on it)
  2. Search in the File menu


Also perhaps the ability to modify the extra options in Home->Data so that if you often use something other than Excel, Power BI Datasets or SQL Server you could put it others.



maulopez Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)

Don't like it, really. Icons are too big. A very ineficient use of the window's real state. The layout is confusing and the emergent tabs have no need to be because in Power BI Desktop there are not that many commands as to be in the need of having them appear and disappear based on the different contexts. In the Nov 2019 video update, you said that the new ribbon was more Excel like, but it doesn't resemble Excel almost at all. Excel and Office Desktop apps have a mature UI, including the ribbon. Power BI new ribbon and the whole Power BI Desktop UI for that matter, looks and feels really immature, and the new ribbon is making it worse, in my opinion. My humble suggestion is for you guys at Power BI Desktop devs to ask for help from the Office team, or a team in charge of so many other Microsoft applications, and come up with a Power BI Destop UI that really looks and feels as a serious piece of software. Take advantage of 40 years of MS experience in developing UIs, because right now the whole experience is light years behind other mature MS apps. It's a shame because the rest of the Power BI platform is great, very powerfull and I'm speaking from almost two years of experience with it. Hope this comment helps and is not taken just as a complaint. I'm going back to the old ribbon for the time being.

ferdsjoseph Member

Re: Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)

Could have made the QAT more customizable (e.g. allow drag-drop rearrange) instead of removing it.

DenisBergeron Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)

Having to switch to Column tab instead of having this on the main tab make me doing to much miles for the same thing, so my mpg is going down.

jonasarnout Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)



Overall a significant improvement!

I would like Power Query better than Transform Data, but I can live with both choices.

I like the simplified ribbon a lot. it is more in theme with other MS applications

Please Add a QAT


Something that was not yet fixed:

I use Ditto Clipboard manager.

among other uses it provides me with an easy library of M-code snippets that i use often.

With the introduction of intellisense, the need for this is somewhat covered by PBi itself, but still I like to use Ditto as i can in other applications (and as I used to be able to use in previous versions of PBi as well. sadly enough i cannot remember the version this stopped working).


Current behaviour is that whenever my cursor is in the formula bar in the PQ Editor or in the Advanced Editor for PQ, the current focus is lost and I have to click again in the area where i want to past something from Ditto.


Ditto still works when defining measures in PBi


I have tested this in the Store version and website version both 64bit and both with the new ribbon feature enabled and disabled.


Great Job!

sphillips22 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)

Few things I've noticed:

Good job!:

1) Visually the new ribbon interface is cool!

2) Hovering over things in the new ribbon feels nicer!


Could improve:

1) Where did the "save" icon go?

2) Graying out of Table tools and Column tools, made me miss them at first and I though functionality such as "Sort By Column" had been lost

3) I was confused by the "Transform Data" name, previously "Edit Queies", I thought functionality for navigating to the query editor had been removed.



billmanh2 Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)

Missing core features, 


Hotkeys have been disabled. Quick Access Toolbar is removed. This forces the user to do everything with the mouse. While this does pander to a less experienced audience, it makes often-repeated tasks more time consuming. Experienced developers value thier time and would prefer cast often-repeated steps into quick commands (called Hotkeys). This is common in every development platform that has ever been built.  

Marvman Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Report Bug Power BI Desktop german version

Hey everyone,

I want to share a bug within the german Power BI Desktop version "2.75.5649.961 64-bit (November 2019)". I have enabled the preview feature for the new ribbon and if you click on "File" there is a bug with the "options and settings" section:

Bild 362.png

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