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Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (Preview feature)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new ribbon so we can continue to improve.


Don't forget to try out the simplified ribbon too!


More information about the ribbon can be found in our blog post.


-Power BI ribbon team

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I can't find anywhere the "Change category of data" button from the Modeling tab. Nor does the AI prompt it by asking it to change it from URL to URL image.


@Anonymous, when you select a column in the Field List, you should see 'Column Tools' in the Ribbon as shown above. Hope this helps!

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Can you please update your OWN documentation to reflect this change then? It's not clear for new users (linked below where screenshots are incorrect). I have spent forever looking for this button...

Quickstart - using Power Query in Power BI | Microsoft Docs


The documentation article that you're referring to is actually for Power Query (a much broader technology) and not Power BI Desktop. This thread talks about the new ribbon for Power BI Desktop which was in preview back in 2019.


Probably a better article to get started with Power BI Desktop would be the one below:

Get started with Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

Hope this helps!


Frequent Visitor

Query errors are showing up behind the ribbon (ex: "The syntax for <blah> is incorrect") isn't visible in the new version. I can see the bottom of the tooltip, but the contents are behind the ribbon. I had to switch to the old version to see the error message

Thanks for reporting @arichards! This issue will be fixed in the April release of Desktop.

Helper III
Helper III

I love the new look, but the Feb update made my Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons disappear. Had to turn the ribbon off in order to get those back.

@cksiz , can you please send more information to help us reproduce this issue to Screenshot, machine configuration, and any additional repro steps are highly appreciated. Thanks!

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The new ribbon works fine for me, but I would like to have the 'create a new column button' also on the home screen to make easier new columns (suggestion is to put it next to 'new measure'). 

Helper I
Helper I

I like the new ribbon. It looks and feels nice. There is a specific problem with locale though.


Myspecific problem:

I am working with PowerBI in Sweden. All the people who look at reports/dashboards in powerBI service are Swedish. Our required and standard date format is yyyy-MM-dd.


With the old ribbon I am able to choose between "*yyyy-MM-dd" and "yyyy-MM-dd". I need to use the hardcoded, non system dependen version. This is so because me as well as many of my colleagues prefer to have english as the system language in windows as well as menu language in the browser of choice. Thus, if I use the system-dependent version of the column format, all dates look garbled.


With the new ribbon I am unable to choose the column format "yyyy-MM-dd" for the date column type, making it hard to use.


The general problem:

There is a related issue with different languages and locales with regard to commas/points as decimal signs. As hinted above I work in a swedish context so I want numbers to use the comma as the decimal point. The way I have found to affect this is by choosing input language in powerBI desktop. The problem arises when writing dax measure code. I have written many measures in my pbix-files since 2017. When I have written in numbers in theses measures I have used comma as the decimal point. At some point something changed in the desktop client making the dax measure code window use the date format from the input language. This has the effect that my dax code works fine until I try to open it, then it is parsed by the client and it finds a multitude of errors which I must edit in order to get the measure working again.


I feel it is a general problem that powerBI desktop/service does not allow a hybrid model for Locale (as far as I know). I cannot stand working with Swedish names for menu items and other things. Using swedish names also makes it impossible to search for online resources on whatever topic I am investigating. I can switch to english as the input language and thus get english menu items but this increases the cognitive load of reading numbers and dates as well as writing dax code.



Advocate II
Advocate II

1. Quick Access toolbar goes missing!!

2. Font too faint to be able to see properly with eye-saver screen settings - contrast too low between background and font colours, does your accessibility team not screen these things first?

PS: same issue with the table view tab/field well in Desktop considering the size of the font too!


Unusable for me I'm afraid 

Frequent Visitor

Hi All, 


I appreciate the work that's been put into the updated ribbon and aesthetically it's quite nice and consistent with other office programs. 


EDIT: Field properties was moved as of mid 2019 and I didn't realize this...


In a few cases I think the original ribbon layout makes slightly more sense as it appears optimized for Power BI specific functionality. Once you try to apply that use case to a more generic office structure it sometimes requires me to perform more clicks than I feel I used to. I would need to track this a bit more closely to understand exactly where I'm getting slowed up, but I think a lot of effort should be put into updating the look without detracting from the original intent for the ribbon layout. This may primarily be due to the fact that I'm still super used to looking for "Query Editor" which honestly fits better than "Transform Data".



Resolver I
Resolver I

I just switch back to classic.  It confirmed that there are delays after every mouse click on the new menu.  EG. changing the number of decimal places.  click up, to get to 0, wait, click up to get to 1, wait, click up to get to 2, wait. 

Resolver I
Resolver I

The tool tips also stay visible even after moving from the field. 

Not applicable

I am missing the Quick Access Toolbar. Please add it back. 

Please enable Alt+Key(s) shortuct just like in other office applications. That will help to select the options in ribbon faster then mouse.




Resolver I
Resolver I

I'm not sure about the colour of the Dynamic Menus.  At first I thought they were inactive, but then realised they were content sensitive. 


The Measure Tools menu, might have a problem.  It is showing that the selected menu is formated as percentage when it is not.  I tend to create all my measures, and then go back to format them.  Some of them are showing as percentage, even before I make a selection.  It is confusing because it should be percentage, but it isn't actually formatted yet.  It displays as decimal in a visual, but says it is percentage in the ribbon.  It doesn't happen to every measure, but it is happening too often. 

Advocate V
Advocate V

@tessahurr We are missing 

  1. Data Source settings
  2. Manage Parameters 

This is really helpful for us to update the connection strings from Dev-->Test-->Prod without going to the transformed view.

Advocate II
Advocate II

The new ribbon toolbar looks really good - both in the double height version and the simplified mini new Office style version.   (Do you roll your own ribbons/tooltips as this looks similar but isn't quite the same as the Office 365 ribbons/tooltips?!)


What I'd love to see next are:

  • mouse wheel support -- [to scroll between different ribbon tabs] that seems to have been lost with the new toolbar but still works in the Transform Data view;
  • keyboard access -- would be good to have better keyboard access to Power BI 🙂 




Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

I just downloaded the December 2019 update and when I opened Power BI (I'm using the MSI version, not the Windows Store version) by choice to view the new ribbon was revoked. I had to re-enable it then re-start.


Are there other options that you overwrote as well? 

Hi @ToddChitt, typically when you update your version of Desktop, you'll need to turn on preview features again and restart Desktop.

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