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Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (March Release - Preview feature)

Starting in the March release, the modern ribbon is on by default.

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new ribbon so we can continue to improve.

More information about the ribbon can be found on our blog.

-Power BI ribbon team


Frequent Visitor

Awesome! Is there a way to remove the extra keystroke here so it's just the alt key? 

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Wait, this is still technically a preview feature? Excellent, I can turn it off until we're forced to downgrade to it


@jthomsonYes, this feature is in preview.


Advocate II
Advocate II

First I really like the idea of the ribbon and am looking forward to it being useful....unfortunately the current ribbon is not nearly ready to be the default. Here's the issues I have with it:


  • When working in measures or having selected a table field I have to click twice on whatever button in the ribbon I want to use. Apparently I now have to click to focus on the ribbon then click the button I want to use. This is so very frustrating and definitely not how any other MS ribbon operates.
  • Quick Access toolbar is vital if we can't customize the ribbon. Since I don't have a functional Quick Access toolbar plus I can't scroll through tabs with my wheel there's so much click click clicking back and forth between the ribbon my canvas my tables the visuals around and around and around
  • I want to turn on/off Edit Interactions without having to first select a visual then click on the special ribbon tab (why in Format??) then do stuff back on the canvas
  • The ribbon does not function like other MS ribbons (especially MS Office programs). It should function like the others if it is going to be the default.
    • I need to be able to use the scroll wheel to move between ribbon tabs.
    • I need to be able to customize. There's so much available space I'd like to put all functions I use on the Home tab
    • Customizable Quick Access toolbar is essential from the get-go
  • There just aren't enough functions to justify so many ribbon tabs, it's a real pain to continually be changing tabs for the 3-5 things I need constantly--at least in the old style I only had to switch back and forth between two, now it's practically all of them.
  • I've been trying to use the ribbon for the last month or so, expecting enhancements fast and furious, but if this is what is believed to be ready for the production environment I am going to have to return to the old style for as long as it's available.
  • I really like PBI, like Microsoft's approach the last few years, but this ribbon is not ready (sorry!)

I feel bad saying so. I look forward to the great ribbon we'll have sometime in the future.




Hi @spiritofme the edit interactions functionality is the same click experience as the existing ribbon.  We'll check on some of the other issues you've relayed.  Thanks for your feedback.


Yes, of course. Sorry about that one.


The two big things for me:

  1. Customization (ribbon and/or quick or the other is essential to have)
    [Alternatively, keyboard shortcuts for actions/buttons...if existing where can I find a list?]
  2. Clicking twice to create new measure (happens when I choose a measure select all and copy the code, then try to create new measure...have to click on ribbon then button--two clicks...irritating/annoying mainly.


Thank you for your consideration.


New Member

It's just wasting vertical space completly. Please disable this feature. hire good UI disigner and stop ruining working features. With new ribbon i even can't pin favorite features to title! It's looks like disaster. The man who is responsible for this feature MUST never work again with UI.


Hi @Zombium, our team worked hard on making the new Ribbon better. We understand that not supporting Quick Access Toolbar will be impacting some existing users that depend on it. We'll consider adding this capability in the future.


If you are concerned about the vertical space, consider using 'Switch ribbons' shevron in the bottom right corner to display minimized ribbon.


Please share constructive ideas on how we can make the new ribbon better!



How about allowing the double click on any ribbon heading to toggle the collapsing of the ribbon like other Office apps? 

I would also like to see the feature re-enabled where I could double-click the ribbon heading (Home, Insert, Modeling, etc) to have hide like it used.  I see now that I can click the ^ to the very far right, which is a good feature I like, but I would also like to see the double-click feature return.

Frequent Visitor

upvote for bringing back the Quick Access Toolbar (see my separate reply on this request). please bring it back!


also - a few minor notes for additional feedback:

- I do agree w/this one too: that this new ribbon can be shrunk down in height as it's taking up just a bit too much real estate

- can we get an icon to Open and for New (PBI report) in the main Home section of the ribbon?

- the File menu action w/the big sliding menu that comes in from the left - this interaction is a little unnecessary to me. I think losing that animation (in favor of the normal drop down animation/interaction) would feel more natural 


addition non-ribbon related but for the bottom tab navigation:

- can we get a shortcut to jump to the 1st and last tabs?

- when i duplicate a tab - even if it's the 1st tab or a tab in the middle, it automatically sends the copied tab to the very end. can you give me control of this? or just duplicate right next to the original? <-- to me, that would be more expected behavior

- moving tabs is super cumbersome when i have more than 10 tabs. i can't drag my tab in one go, but instead can only drag it the end of the visible page, then repeat. for my bigger reports, i have to do this over 6x! can we make it so that i can drag my tab in one motion as far as i need to?

- a design thing: the tab labels also take up a lot of real estate. can we shrink down the padding (to the left and right) of the tab by 1/16 of an inch or something - so that we can conserve space (again for those of us who have more than 10 tabs)? 

I really agree about the improvement of the tabs, that's really necessary !

Not applicable



I have a columns and lines chart on my reports. I need to set the Start and the End of the secondary Y axis but without showing that secondary axis. I had all my columns and lines charts configured that way but, when I opened the Power BI with the new update, every columns and lines charts crashed and now I'm not able to configure them back. 


Are you going to check this?





Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Was there really any need to rename Edit Queries? Must have wasted a good couple of minutes right now trying to find it


Where is 'edit queries'?  I'm struggling to find anything about it so far.  I accepted the new ribbon without looking at the 'learn more' and now I'm stuffed 😖.

Hope you can help!



@LambellaJulesThe "Edit queries" button has been renamed to "Transform data".

Thank you, I was losing the will to live 😄

Helper III
Helper III

Not sure if it's a ribbon related issue or not. When publishing a report it loads very slow, and eventually, it is successful, although when I open the app it doesn't load, being stuck at "almost done..." 


This didn't happen yesterday or any day in the past. It is happening to me and to my users. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

Another issue: with the new ribbon, I can no longer click the Close button in the top-right corner by pushing my mouse to the very top right pixel. This is inconsistent with most other Windows apps. I actually have to point at the Close button before clicking it, I can no longer just lazily push my mouse quickly into the corner because the button is not clickable then.

I have verified that the issue is not there when the new ribbon is disabled, so clearly the issue is due to new ribbon.

Thanks for reporting this issue @DMM! We'll adress this in the next releases of the Desktop.

@AlexGorev I hope you meant issues (plural -- Format Painter and Close button) 😉

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