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Share your thoughts on the new ribbon (March Release - Preview feature)

Starting in the March release, the modern ribbon is on by default.

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new ribbon so we can continue to improve.

More information about the ribbon can be found on our blog.

-Power BI ribbon team


New Member

Please I cannot find the formatting menu located under Modelling Tab. I downloaded Power BI Desktop and Service today.How do I enable it?

Advocate I
Advocate I

The ribbon is terrible. It requires more clicks/less efficient and more real estate than the traditional menu interface (i.e. Office 2003). Hotkeys are also impractical to use/learn (are there even any?). Additionally, it requires relearning where a feature is for every change that Microsoft UI developers make (see current ribbon vs preview ribbon for many examples).


I hate the ribbon!!!


The chevron idea is a step in the right direction. Now take it one step further:

1. Eliminate the second click from Home -> Get data and make this a drop down. Now it's a normal, one-click menu interface, instead of two.

2. Port it over to the Power Query Editor

Helper V
Helper V

I do not like pressing the [X] in the upper right corner to close Power BI, it's inconsistent with Word and other MS applications. Can we please get the Close option back on the menu?


Also, it does take up a lot of real estate, can we get smaller icons?


I also am noticing some slowdowns with this where saves take a good deal longer than before. I noticed that someone else had mentioned this.


Resolver I
Resolver I

As previously reported, the screen/field refresh is not working appropriately.  I have observed this on the Colum Tools ribbon | format section.  As you change columns in the fields pane, the format section doesn't always refresh to show the newly selected fields current setting. 

Resolver I
Resolver I

I don't remember having to wait after every click before.  For example, change format to currency, wait.  then change number of decimals, wait.  You can be quick enough to click through from default to 2 in one go, but if you miss you have to wait, then change. 


same experience, the delay is annoying. There are times I wish there was a text editor or some way to prevent the refresh of the page as we may end up changing multiple things for a single action. We may need to change something to a number format, percentage, and change the number of digits. As it stands now, I change a single thing - experience the wait (while - I'm assuming the visuals update), then change the same field to limit the number of digits. 

Resolver I
Resolver I

The Save Icon (disk) requires 2 clicks to make it actually save.  The first one seems to just show the tooltip, then the second is considered the trigger event. 

Frequent Visitor

Version 2.76.5678.782 64-bit (Dezember 2019):
I like the new ribbon (it feels more like Excel), but:
-No QAT and no ALT + ... shortcuts. That is bad. No, actually it is very bad and not acceptable for a default version.
-It is oversized. It is good that it can be reduced manually, but it would be better if the big one was not so oversized and still have the possibility to toggle to minimize the ribbon.

The file pane requests to press the left arrow on the top to go away again, it would be better if it would also dissapear when you click anywhere outside of the pane.
Renaming buttons like Edit Queries is not helpful, but that is a lesser issue.

@matthias_You can get the keboard shortcuts by pressing Alt + Windows Key.

Frequent Visitor

Awesome, thanks Tessa. 


Is there a setting to change this back to just the alt key? 



@tessahurrThanks for pointing this out (again)! I saw this above and tried it before.
Due to your post I tried "ALT + Windows Key "once more. Instead of e.g. "ALT + M" I used also "ALT + Windows Key + M" for several of the usual ALT + letter shortcuts. In addition I tried also the right ALT key as alternative to ALT.
All trials had the same result, i.e. nothing. Not sure if this could be caused because I am on the Dec version.

@matthias_Yes, you'll need to update to a newer version of PBI Desktop.  Keytips were only added in starting from our Febuary release.

@tessahurrThanks, that is bad news for me, cause the next version being rolled out at my company will be the March version. And that is without QAT! 😞

Frequent Visitor

please bring back the quick access toolbar (the ability to add shortcut icons to the top ribbon). I don't know why this was taken away as the top band is still there and just sits blankly when it could be utilized (by people who want to add in some quick start shortcut icons). i live by this customizable feature and don't understand why it was removed esp when it's still in the other Office apps (Word, Excel, etc.) 

Helper I
Helper I

Hi -


1. When will the Report Server (RS) version be updated as well, I'm now having to learn and remember two different ribbons when switching between Power BI Desktop RS version and the Power BI Desktop version.


2. Also, it would be really good to bring back scrollwheel support – the speed of navigating the old ribbon is instant; the new ribbon is much slower and requires a lot more additional clicking.  This is not in line with the rest of the Office 365 package where scrollwheel works perfectly fine.


3. And finally, will Transform Data (Power Query Editor) ribbon also be updated?  Currently the interface is inconsistent as we move from the new fancy ribbon into the fast old one in the Power Query editor.  


Thank you!

Frequent Visitor

Nice icons, but what's the need for?

Changes all the way how to interact and makes no sense.

Also, is it possible to hide it? takes too much screen size.

@macdoYou can get some of the canvas area back by using the single line ribbon.  Press the ^ button in the bottom right corner of the ribbon.

Frequent Visitor

Export to PDF


With the new ribbon, I have more clicks to do to "publish to PDF". Before 2 easy clicks because in the same move.


Now, three clicks and when you 12 reports to do twice a week, that can be boring.


I would like to have either hotkey to this function or either the possibility to move the "publish to pdf" directly in the ribbon

Frequent Visitor



Can you please add hotkey functionality to this. If it weren't for this I'd be happy to use the new ribbon. It looks great! Not being able to do any "ALT" + commands severely hinders my productivity. 

@joelwsYou can turn keytips on by pressing Alt + Windows Key

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