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Share your thoughts on the new personalize visuals experience (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new personalize visuals experience so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI Creators team

Frequent Visitor

Personalized Visuals are an awesome feature of Power BI. After demoing the feature in combination with personal bookmarks our keys users minds were blown and they convincingly stated we can replace 80-90% of our legacy reporting app.


One of the key asks that would help move the needle higher is that ability to sort the fields (in a matrix), either drag drop or move up and down without having to add/remove fields.  


Great Job on this feature! Please keep making improvements!

Frequent Visitor

Very promising feature!


I've for long wanted to give end-users the possibility to change the legends of visualizations. This make it possible without using bookmarks where I hide/show visuals with different legends.

In the latest update we are also able to create our own perspectives. This is a great step forward but I would also like to see the following:
- The ability to select different perspectives for the legend, for the values, for the axis etc. and also different perspectives in different visuals. It could otherwise get confusing for users if they can chose from options not appropriate for the field.

- I'd like to be able to turn off/on the possibility for a user to change the dimension/value for certain fields (for example: making it possible for a user to change the legend but not the axis on a certain visual). It could otherwise get confusing for users if they can change to much.

Helper I
Helper I

This is a great feature, but there's a bug in Chrome wherein if you have a table with 50 columns (for example) and the user wants to remove the 50th column using the Personalize feature, they can't scroll down the list of fields.


Also, I think it would be better if the user personalization settings were saved so that they see those same settings when they revisit the report.  As a workaround, they can create a personal bookmark after they've made their "personalizations".

New Member

This is a fantastic addition. Glad you have added perspectives.


Would be great if - once personalization is turned on for the report - there was a way to disable personalization for all visuals so a report creator can then go enable just the few visuals that should have personalization - as opposed to having to go through multiple visuals in an existing report and disabling the feature one-by-one for all but a few visuals. Hopefully you have that in the works already!


I also agree with other comments stating a way to drag the order of rows/columns/metrics is needed - as well as a way to scroll when the personalization editing pop-up gets too long.

New Member

Great tool with a lot of potential.


  • There does not appear to be a way to assign Report-Reader Perspectives to specific visuals. 
    • It would be helpful to be able to update all visuals with a perspective similar to the way it is applied to all pages
  • Can not find a way for a Power BI Report to connect to a Power BI Dataset and inherit Report-reader perspectives
  • It would be helpful to have a default perspective that does not allow users to change any fields and results in hiding the Perspectives toggle on visuals. "Default Fields" / "Model" both fully expose the model and a custom perspective won't automatically hide the toggle.


Thank you for releasing this feature.

Frequent Visitor

Overall this is a really good and extremely important feature. I used the Personalisation in conjunction with ther Perspectives. I am relatively new to Power BI coming from a SAP reporting background and from that basis I was suprised this feature was not available early in the development. The other thing that suprised me, and forgive me if I am wrong, is that the analyst cannot change the perspective assigned in the report, my impression of the perspective was that it is akin to a 'helper' function and not a 'control' function, thus I had expected that the analyst would be enabled to switch perspectives at will, for example between a 'Basic' and 'Advanced' view. Actually I was so suprised I spent about three hours trying to find the documentation that would tell me how the analyst can change the perspective in the report, until giving up. This seems odd as I believe the user  is able to choose the perspective when connecting to a SSAS model?


Additionally I found a couple of issues, firstly after using tabular editor to create the perspectives the perspective was not immediatly availble in Power BI desktop I had to restart Power BI to view the desktop. Also, I took a shortcut and added the tables to the Perspective only to find that did not work. After I followed the instructions in the Aug-2020 update and selected only columns and measures it worked fine.

Helper IV
Helper IV

Personalize Visual toggle not showing even after enabling preview and restarting PBI Desktop. I'm on the latest September 2020 version.

Never mind.  Found my issue.  Didn't realize I had to also enable in Current Report settings.

Regular Visitor

I think this needs to be included in desktop so that as a Developer we can set up some standard bookmarks (heavily used ones) then save them for other users to use (Eg Actuals vs Plan and then Actuals vs PCP).  Then the users themselves can make changes for less common situations in Service

Helper I
Helper I

Hi, I was waiting for the possibility of customizing tables (adding/removing columns, change columns sorting) but, as a designer, I would prefer to be able to prevent my users to change the visual type (from table to bar chart). My end-users are not yet expert on PowerBI and I don't them to get lost maybe just because they clicked in the wrong place.

Also, what's the difference between "Predefined fields" and "Model" in the reader perspective drop-down menu?

Thank you for your work!


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