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Share your thoughts on the new personalize visuals experience (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new personalize visuals experience so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI Creators team

Frequent Visitor

 I love the idea of this feature, but would request a minor adjustment to allow me to fully ustilise this feature.

At present the feature impacts every visual on the report, and the only way to turn the personalise feature off is going through the laborious task of deselecting it in the Format settings.

I would prefer one of two options:
1. have the personalise icon in Power BI Desktop act as a on/off toggle, allowing you to easily select which visuals you want to offer this feature to.

2. have a toggle in the options, current file, report settings where you can alter the default behaviour, so that either all visuals have it activated, or all visuals have it deactivated.  Then you only need to worry about altering the personalise visual format on those you specifically want to differ from your default.

New Member

Dear Power BI Creators team,


Nice new feature! This will be very useful to our end users: instead of being limited to the 'fixed' graphs that we (as the report authors) provide, they will be able to choose what they want to see plotted.


However, I must agree with many others here in that two features are essential:

  1. The report creator should be able to limit the fields that the end user can choose from.
  2. There needs to be a "Do not aggregate" option (which should be the default) for the fields that the end user chooses for the Axis/Value.


In particular, the second option is crucial for our use case, in which we are plotting scientific data, which should not be summed/averaged/etc.


Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Frequent Visitor

Thanks for the new feature. 


As an improvement please make the Personalise this visual icon available also in the Focus view layout. 


Best regards,



Frequent Visitor

Dear Team, @SujataNarayana ,


This is a much-needed function, for those "heavy users" for the business. Especially for the ones who always want more and more...


I tried this and was wondering what's the best practise for publishing reports with this preview turned on.

Based on my testing if I re-publish (or update/refresh) a report I have to turn on the feature again. Also, it seems to me that after this re-publish the personalised visual disappears even if I save as a bookmark.


Thanks a lot!


Helper I
Helper I

First off - LOVE this feature. Thank you so much!


Couple of things that would be useful:

  • Ability to drag and drop (like to rearrange fields already pulled from the field list)
  • Ability to hover over fields and see the full name or for a larger window. Many of ours are cut off and there's no way to see what their name is

I know perspectives is coming, and I am just hoping that we have the easy ability to allow the user to see all of the current unhidden fields (like the default is today) and us not needing to manually select fields on each visual. We've put a ton of work into creating a clean data model and hoping to allow them to use it at their will.


Thank you!

Helper III
Helper III

Great feature.  One specific fix required:

Need to be able to expand the size of the field selector box.  If you use folders for fields (as we do) it indents the field name so cannot read it.  And doesn't display the full field name on hover-over.




Frequent Visitor

Great feature!


+1 on the following points that have been prevously been made:


1. Limit the values (columns) that can be selected.

2. Alow for drag/drop to rearrange values 

3. In the "Values" window, long field names are being cut off and makes it difficult to select the correct one. Either an expandable window or a "hover to see complete name" approach is desired.

Frequent Visitor

This feature has a lot of potential for our end-users. However, it is not giving us the results we would expect. We are trying to use the feature with the Table visual but whenever an end-user removes a column and saves a Personal bookmark, the table visual removes all the conditional formatting (font colors, URL links) on the table and resizes the columns (when auto-resize is set to off). 

Is removing conditional formatting a bug?

Also, someone else mentioned but it would be ideal for an end-user to re-order the values (drag and drop) rather than having to remove a bunch of values and adding them in the order they want.

Not applicable

This feature is very exciting! I've got a lot of users champing at the bit to try it out.


One issue that we've stumbled across so far is that there is no ability to scroll down in the list of fields in the report within the Personalize pane. I've included a screenshot below (with field names blurred) from a table that has dozens of columns. There are at least a dozen more fields below the last one listed, and we have no way to scroll down.



Enabling the custom visuals is a huge step forward to enabling self-serice reporting in Power BI with centralized model & report management. From a developer perspective it would be great if we'd have the possibility to indicate which measures, columns and tables should be available to the end-users in the Power BI service. Currently they can "see" the entire data model which can be confusing.


End-users might end up selecting measures which, due to DAX programming, show a different result than expected. Enaling the option for the developer to determine what the end-users can "play with" would be a big improvement.

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