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Frequent Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

I like the concept, but it's not useful for most of our reports unless we can turn it off on specific pages.  Most of our reports have a navigation page that the user starts on - and these pages have some explanatory text and buttons to access the other pages with the data.  So, on the first page the filter pane doesn't make any sense - and it only confuses users. (and most of our users are not tech savvy so we do everything we can to avoid possible confusion)


If I could turn the filter pane off on the first page then we could use this feature on most reports.  As it is now, it's only used on a few reports that our tech savvy users access.

Regular Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

We need to be able to exclude visuals from filters in the same way we can do with slicers.


I want to set a report level filter of 2019. A page filter of this month, but exclude the yearmonth graph. 

New Member

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Having to click everytime PowerBI is loaded to close a message about a new pane is annoying. Do Microsoft get paid everytime a user has to click on something?

Frequent Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Take off the row counts please, or allow a Toggle Off - to the end report consumer, these make no sense and are confusing!!!

vmakhija Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane


Thanks for starting this post.

There are lots of useful comments/suggestions provided by different users which I can myself relate to and are much needed.

Can you update everyone on what all improvents are in pipeline or are planned?



roselilly23 Advocate III
Advocate III

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

100% agree with @jburns7744 about the row counts, they shouldn't be there and are confusing.

New Member

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

I really don't like it. It's simple I just deactivate it on every new report I create. I think it takes too much space for what it does and that I prefer to scroll down just a little bit for exactly the same result.

Please at least give us the option to:

1- don't have the message that ask us if we want to switch to the new pane EVERY time we open a report

2- keep the old pane on all the new reports we create



Regular Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane


I quite liked the feature where you can lock certain fields in the new filter pane.


However, I also have an image which when clicked opens up a dynamic URL of the report itself, with a filter option selected.

I thought I would be able to lock the filter with the value selected. But when the dynamic URL is hit, it does what it is ought to & the filter pane showed me two listings of the same field

1. The field which is locked from filtering

2. The same field which is dynamically selected with a certain value passed along with the URL, unlocked.


If this doesnt work for my scenario, I am not sure what is the use of lock filter.

kirby_l Advocate I
Advocate I

Stop trying to force the new filter on me!!!

I do not like the new filter pane at all.  It's in the way.  It's ugly.  It creates a massive amount of unessecary blank space in my report.  This is especially annoying since Power BI desktop looks different when the report area is forced to be smaller, and also resizes the length and width of my visuals by 1 point.....throwing the entire page off.......when I move visuals around when they are small because of the extra space taken up by the poorly made new filter pane.   It was fine the way it was before.  Now, I have to uncheck a box and click "OK", every single time I open a report.  Some members of my team keep accidentally clicking OK without unchecking the box, then need my help to fix their Power BI because it automatically adds the new, terrible filter pane to each report they open.  This is a pain for everyone in my office.  Because of this "we will shove this new feature in your face until you use it" additude, I am tempted to find a new BI analytics platform for my company to use worldwide.  I'm so incredibly tired of having to tell Microsoft "No, I do not want to use your new filter pane" everytime I open a report.........NO MEANS NO........STOP ASKING.

Frequent Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Now that filters are broken down into 3 areas:

1. Report Level (all pages)

2. Page Level (all visuals on a page)

3. Visual Level (only the selected visual)


I'd love the ability to hide certain levels (instead of each individual column) from users ... for example - we give users a set of report level and page level filters.... but when they click on a visual ( for example a "report export" type of table visual): It gives them almost all the metrics and dimensions as "Visual Level" filters.... However, the users are unaware that the Visual Filter is not filtering the entire tab or page which causes them confusion.  I understand that we have the ability to manually filter each column on a given visual, but it would be nice to have a way to turn on/off for the whole list or even hide all Visual filters from the report. 


Also, something I realized is that when you save a filter type - for example "Relative Date Filtering" it only saves this on Publish to PowerBI Service on Report and Page Level filters.... Not on a specific visual filter. 

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