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pistachio Helper I
Helper I

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Seems like a good layout but the dropdowns seem to freeze often. At the moment I cannot change any of the filters and there is no indication why

Frequent Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

There are some problems in the new filter pane that make me not using it:


1- If you set a filter as "unique selection" the "clear filter" button persists, meaning that the user can select all items, you can also click again on a selected item get the same result. This is not suposed to happen in a unique selection filter, if it's "unique only" it shouldn't be possible to select all, this is kind of obvious. This is the main reason I don't use it.

2- Date filters should have an option to be treated as date, just like the slicer control.

3- The filter pane is not available in the "Public on the web" option.


I'm assuming that this pane was created to avoid using a ton of slicers, but with these problems I think that it's not a good option. Also, if it's suposed to be used as a complement of the slicers, at least give us the option to change its name, because then I could name it as "Other Filters" and place just some secundary filters.

Frequent Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Developing a report with a Live link to an SSAS tabular model.
Seems like the filter manager treats an attribute that has zero value and NULL (Empty) the same way.
In other words: Aggregates both zero and null together.

This behavior was not with the old filter functionality.

(The attribute in this case is in a date dimension.

If you change it to the data type Text, it cannot be used for example MTD metrics
in a graph because they depend on there being, for example, a monthly value.)


Regards / Magnus

New Member

Since new filter pane activated published reports fail updating


since the new filter pane released I have problems publishing my Power BI reports even if deactvated. Is there any causality?


Regular Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Pointless in my view. I prefer the filters in the vizualisation tab as they most often apply to the fields in use. Therefore a completely pointless addition for me. Surely PowerBI has more pressing improvements to be made than adding tabs. Stop wasting your time on unnecessary modifications and take a look at what's most wanted by users.

freder1ck Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Especially with slowly changing dimensions

Regular Visitor

Enough with the reminders!

I know it's there, never use it. Getting tired of de-selecting it.

New Member

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Los nuevos cambios me han desconfigurado el informe por completo: 


- Los widgets del informe se me han desplazado hacia abajo para mostrar la nueva barra de encabezado

- Me han desaparecido todos los grupos de widgets que tenía y se me han desconfigurado todos los marcadores del informe

- Los iconos han cambiado su color de fondo

- Los cuadros de texto han cambiado su color de fondo y de letra



En definitiva, un gran problema pues trabajo con esto.

New Member

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane



New Filter Panes are great, but how can I sort values in descending order?




Regular Visitor

Ideas for improvement

I see 2 ways of improvement:


- having the possibility to group several filters into a category (eg. Product related filters, Geography related filters, etc)

- having the possibility to choose which are the filters to be synchronyzed in between pages.

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