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Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new filter pane so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI filter pane team

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Frequent Visitor

We need to be able to exclude visuals from filters in the same way we can do with slicers.


I want to set a report level filter of 2019. A page filter of this month, but exclude the yearmonth graph. 

Frequent Visitor

I like the concept, but it's not useful for most of our reports unless we can turn it off on specific pages.  Most of our reports have a navigation page that the user starts on - and these pages have some explanatory text and buttons to access the other pages with the data.  So, on the first page the filter pane doesn't make any sense - and it only confuses users. (and most of our users are not tech savvy so we do everything we can to avoid possible confusion)


If I could turn the filter pane off on the first page then we could use this feature on most reports.  As it is now, it's only used on a few reports that our tech savvy users access.


The NEW filter pane is GREAT! This cleans up a lot of space to remove filters from the page. If i don't want or need it, i can hide it using the eye icon or remove it in options. The filter pane has made our reports look more professional for Executives. Improvement: Would like to be able to change the filter pain lists sort (descending, ascending). would rather have the latest date at the top vs at the bottom of a list. I have other workarounds but would like to have better sort features for the individual filters.
Helper I
Helper I

Filters are best where they were. As others have mentioned its not used regularly. Now if it was a vizulaization that could be colapsed on the report/dashboard page. This would be great to give more space to view Matrix/table vizulizations. After choosing your Slicer/Filters you can colapse them to see more data presetned. 

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I love the new filter pane, but there are a couple areas I would like improved:

It would be great to have the option to hide all visual level filters on a specific visual. Sometimes you don't want to display any visual level filters and it is a pain to have to go and hide every single field, if there was an option "hide all filters on this visual" that would be perfect. 


It would be good if for dates you could have the option to do a 'between' similar to how the slicer works. Currently we are not using the new filter pane for dates as it is a bit too tricky for our users.




I definitely agree on a between option, as part of the Relative Date filtering would be a really useful addition, for example
Between Last 30 days and next 7 days

Frequent Visitor

Sorry Guys, but i hate it ,really annoying take too much space , and sometimes it becomes unresponsive !

Advocate I
Advocate I

It's jus taking to much workspace. 
Only option is to turn it on or of from ribbon, and best will be to chose old behavior or new one.

Not applicable

Not a big fan of the new filter pane.  Not sure this was a feature that was really needed, it worked fairly well as it was at the bottom of the visualisation pane, and there would be other things (e.g. ability to create multiple variable joins without having to create an additional single key column, or ability to join dates using a 'between' comparison). 


My biggest issue with this (and all of the panes) is that the more of them you need to have in view) the smaller the working area gets, meaning more time spent opening and closing panes simply to get visuals/text to a size that is readable on screen


I'm also not sure why the filter pane has a white background whereas the other panes have grey

Advocate I
Advocate I

Love the new filter pane, before we had to create the filters by ourselves using the Slicer and they took up too much space. I like being able to hide the filter pane, and the functionality in every card to lock and show/hide the filters.

To improve:

  • It would be great to be able to hide the row counts next to each value cause users are getting confused of what the value represents. 

    filter count.JPG

  • In date filters, it would be great to have more options to filter, our users would like to have a date range filter as is available in Slicer custom visual:

range filter.JPG

  • Also, we're having some issues with date filters, for some users the options are not displayed:

    date filter options not displayed.JPG
Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Can we default off the visual level filters? I like to have report or page level filters, but rarely want users to apply visual level filters. Most users I develop for are non technical / Exec type who have limited experience of Powwer BI, and often this is confusing for them. Currently very time consuming to manually turn off every filter.

A bit like this Idea submitted.


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Advocate I
Advocate I

Don't like it. It is a redundant option, creating less report space. Additionally, How can I do to remove it permanently?:

Every time I open a report, it shows up the new filters, even I already click on Got it and unclick the option to use the new filters pane. Its a nightmare.



Still I love Power BI

@jmcl70 wrote:

Don't like it. It is a redundant option, creating less report space. Additionally, How can I do to remove it permanently?:

Every time I open a report, it shows up the new filters, even I already click on Got it and unclick the option to use the new filters pane. Its a nightmare.



Still I love Power BI

This, this, 100 times this - I've raised this as an issue but they don't seem interested in making that pop up go away or even recognising it's a problem

Not applicable

don't want to tick the box every time I open a report that I do not want the new filter pane in existing reports.

As comments below, it takes up too much space and is encouraging our users to filter things we don't always want them to. We will place a filter box when we explicitly want filtering to occur.


Hello @Anonymous ,

If you don't want your end users to see/interact with the new filter pane , you can click on the eye icon in the filter pane to hide it. This will ensure that end users cannot see the filter pane when they view the report.

Not applicable

Thanks, didn't know that trick! That is very helpful and takes away some of the pain of having these filters pop up everywhere we don't want them 🙂

Not applicable

The new filter pane takes up too much space when I am working in desktop. The working space becomes very difficult to see and workth with when I am looking at the filters and the vizuals at the same time.


I wish when i clicked on a filter if a check mark would appear next to the table it applies to.

Frequent Visitor

Love the new filter pane, very intuitive.

I sometimes have same-named fields between different tables, and it would be nice to know which "Status" field this is , especially if they're both filtered, which happened today...with the added real estate in the filter pane would there be a simple way to (optionally) display the table name as well?

Regular Visitor

We use it but there are a couple issues that don't help with adoption:


  • hiding/unhiding the filter pane is very clunky. I have users where it disappears on them right in the middle of a presentation. Clicking on the "reset to default" doesn't help in this case either. The default state has the filter pane enabled, but when selecting "reset to default" it disappears.
  • the scrollbar also disappears. You can scroll the filter pane up and down by using the scroll button on your mouse, but most users are unaware of it. It would be helpful if it was a cleaner, easier experience for the end-user.
  • the input field in the filter page are completely blank when there's values selected. It would be helpful if we could see the text (for example "basic filtering", "advance filtering").

HI cpaque,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Could you share a video or screen shots on how to repro these issues? This will help us to check if it they are bugs or working as expected.We should be able to provide a fix for issue/s.  


Advocate I
Advocate I

I do not like the new filter pane.  All of its features should have been developed into the old vizualization/filter combo pane.  The new pane takes up too much space when developing.  Also, I have to uncheck the box and hit OK in the New Filter Pane popup everytime I open a report in PBI Desktop.  You need to turn that off!  That is ridiculous.....I will never willing use that filter pane. 

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