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Microsoft SujataNarayana

Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new filter pane so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI filter pane team

aexley Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

When resizing the pane, it also rescales the text. This rescaling causes issues in readability, especially when working on larger monitors as the scale isn't appropriate.


Often the reason for widening the pane is to see hidden parts to text. So I don't understand why you wouldn't keep the text at the same scale as you expand? It just makes what was challenging to read due to obfuscation, now difficult to read due to visual reduction. I believe the scale of the text should remain constant through the pane widening.

Not applicable

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane



Below is the problem.


When we change the filter pane(Ex:Text size:23, Header text size:13 and width:270) and filter card (Ex:Text size:15p) settings from default to custom and after publishing the report in PBI service and when we open the report in PBI Service, the filter pane size is showing in bigger size(more than expected size) and when click on other page and come back to particular page it comes to normal size(what we have increased the sizes).


So,could you please improve this...!

SonjaBerrios Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

I don't like the new filter pane because it takes up too much space.  I prefer scrolling down to modify/add filters on visuals/pages/reports, since it's not something I do that often.  I would rather have the space for building the report.

max-w Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Don't like it, it takes up more screen real estate for something that worked fine within the visualizations pane. There is not enough content within it to justify its own pane. 



MitieFred Helper IV
Helper IV

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

A good idea . . . but, as stated by others, the space taken, when using a laptop, is too much, I know I can switch it off going to the File/Options, but it would be helpful if, on the View ribbon, there was a button to do this.  Also the text/background contracs doesn't work for me, not sharp enough.

Regular Visitor

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

I like being able to hide the filter pane (using the little "eye" icon in PBI Desktop) (when I prefer having more space in the page for specific reports).  But I would like to also be able to hide the little "filter" icon that appears in each visual in the visual header, because sometimes the filters popup that appears (when we mouse over the filter icon) contains cryptic information we don't want end user to see.

hmancera Helper I
Helper I

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

It confuses users; having too many options available it just confuses users a little bit more, visual drills are cool but it should be nice to have them as filter drills too.. keep it simple but concise...


Thanks for all your support, PBI is great !!!

Super User II
Super User II

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

If there are no filters set up, don't have the filter pane expanded in the service by default. Takes up too much room and is confiusing to users. Not all reports are meant to have filters.


In other words, this isn't helpful. Just collapse it by default.

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HenryIppolito Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

It would be great to be able to hide the row counts next to each value. My users are getting confused of what the value represents. 


Additionally, the text filter and "Select All" functionality do not work well together. If I filter using the text field based on a key word and then use "Select All", I would only expect to select all based on the text filter. The reality is that the text filter has no impact on the "Select All" option. It is misleading to the end user making the selections.

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