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Share your thoughts on the new Smart Narrative visual (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new Smart Narrative visual so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI AI team

Advocate II
Advocate II

Don't know what's the issue but non-numeric measures do in general not work for me in the visual.

- Created a very simple measure TXTTEST="abc"

-  the narrative detects this measure but shows NO value in preview

- Also after klicking save/ok the value is empty with tooltip "current data and filters produce no results for this measure")


Anyone with same issues? have seen in videos that this should working but doesn't work for me with the latest PBI destkop Nov 2020 

see also

Regular Visitor

Good morning Power BI Team

Would you mind confirming which bugs were fixed in the November release relating to the Smart Visual please?



New Member

Hi. I use russian language in Power BI Desktop. When i use Smart narratives i get mix russian and english language (see link). How can i fix it? My boss wants all rus text 🙂

New Member

There is some weird behaviour when using calculation groups in combination with the new Smart Narrative. I have created a ticket as well but this is the problem:

Trying to use a sum measure with an emoji (for example Test = if ([change measure%] >=0, [change measure%] & "📈", [change measure%] & "📉") in the smart narrative:

1) Works perfectly fine in a normal model. Both with or without the icon added in the measure.

2) Add some Time Calculation Groups with Tabular Editor. All containing similar calculation items like this: VAR CP = CALCULATETABLE ( VALUES ( Dim_Date[Date] ), FILTER ( Dim_Date, Dim_Date[YearMonth] = MAX ( Dim_FilterDate[YearMonth] ) ) ) RETURN CALCULATE ( SELECTEDMEASURE (), CP )

This somehow has the effect that when using the emoji icons (which can be useful in a smart narrative to summarize upwards or downwards movements) in a basic measure, that smart narrative visual does not display anything anymore..


However the measure still works perfectly fine without any icon in the measure itself. And the calculation groups are not even used or filtering the smart narrative or page. Just the fact that they are created in the background makes the smart narrative not able to use any icons in a measure..

Helper I
Helper I

The new Smart Narrative is a good addition to Power BI and is valueble to our reporting process. But I found it only works with limited visual types, would it be possible it could work with table/metric visual? 



Advocate I
Advocate I



I think the Smart Narrative visual is a great addition for Power BI. Before i used Enlighten Data Story, but i prefer out of the box solutions! There are, however, a few things I like to see:


  • Easier access to pre-created measures. 
  • Conditional Color formatting. So we can change color or add symbols if there is a raise or decline. 
  • Edit the name after we pressed Save. You can still change the text you "ask", but not the given name. 
  • Is it possible that we can see what kind of calculation is used?

Keep up the good work!

New Member

HI PBI Team,


My end users are mainly Dutch so I hope more language options will be added in the future. Also posted an idea for this (
In addition, if I compile a story with measurements myself and want to add an existing measurement, it is sometimes difficult to find as there is no visual distinction between measurements and columns in the dropdown menu. All in all an interesting addition, but it still deserves to be further developed.


Kind regards,



Helper I
Helper I

So far i can't seem to get anything useful out of this viz.  How can I appy filters on the values? I tried basic stuff like 

"loan portfolio balance on current snapshot date " , "loan portfolio balance on top 1 by snapshot date" and I get either the wrong amount, or the wrong date.  Not intuitive at all.  I don't use Q&A much since most of my models are SSAS but this particular report is query based and Q&A is set up, so the words turn blue, but the output is nonsense. 

Regular Visitor

Can the smart narrative on one page be based on a visual from another page?

Frequent Visitor

I tried the Smart narrative and it is an awesome feature althogh the details gathered from are are less as compared to the Narratve custom visual that i use. One of the awesome things was that it can be tweaked in an hassle free manner and as it is given as a extended feature of the text box it is very convenient.


Frequent Visitor

I've created some customised text and added values in, everything works perfectly! I'm able to review my values and edit to my hearts content. Until I close the file. When I reopen it, it looks like there are still values there, but they're all blank and have lost their names. This has happened 4 times now! Any suggestions?narrative.png

This keeps happening to me as well, and is really hampering the usability of what should be a really awesome tool.

Same problem here, also when i change or add a new measure to my model... I think its a bug in the visual

Kudo Commander
Kudo Commander

Allow us to move the format box when it appears as it gets in the way of editing.


To demonstrate, create a text box over half the width of the report area and then add text. Try to then edit this text and you'll find it is covered by the format box.

It is very annoying and gets in the way when writing text in a box, so you cannot see what you are writing, and when trying to drag a title box to the right, the narrative is in the way!! Please update so this can be moved and minimised 

 RT @aexley ´s comment:

"Allow us to move the format box when it appears as it gets in the way of editing.

To demonstrate, create a text box over half the width of the report area and then add text. Try to then edit this text and you'll find it is covered by the format box."

@cabc_xlorla  @aexley  Thank you for sharing your feedback! We have fixed this issue and it should be available soon. 

Loved the feature.


Is it going to be a part of Power BI desktop for good, once the "Preview" duration is over?

  @PiyushBQ   Glad you like it! Yes, we plan to GA this feature !

Regular Visitor

Was wondering if the following is possible in a smart narrative?  I've not seen it in the demos/info so far.

Expenses totalled $400 for the month.  Top 3 categories were Travel ($250), Paper ($40) and Food ($35).


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