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Share your thoughts on the new Anomaly detection feature (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new Anomaly detection feature so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI AI team


Please see limitations documented:

  • Anomaly detection is only supported for line chart visuals containing time series data in the Axis field.
  • Anomaly detection isn't supported with legends, multiple values or secondary values in line chart visual.
  • Anomaly detection requires at least 12 data points.
  • Forecast/Min/Max/Average/ Median/Percentile lines doesn't work with Anomaly detection.
  • Direct Query over SAP data source, Power BI Report Server, Live Connection to Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server Analysis Services aren't supported.
  • Anomaly Explanations doesn't work with 'Show Value As' options.
  • Drilling down to go to the next level in the hierarchy isn't supported.

Will this be available for Live Connection to Azure Analysis Services and SQL Server Analysis Services in the future?

Unfortunately, no, we don't have the suppoert Live Connect to Azure AS and SQL AS in plan. I suggest to vote at (so PM can prioritize it in next semester based on the votes). Sorry for that.

Frequent Visitor

Thanks, Lisa.


I'm experiencing the same issue as Beefmaster as well (anomaly detection pane doesn't show up after selecting an anomaly data point) even after confirming that I am using a line chart visual with time series data in the axis field.  There are no additional values or secondary axes and the legends field is blank.


Any thoughts?  Thank you!

You may find the video here useful


1. Have you enabled the Preview Feature?


2. Note we only support line chart (not area chart or stack line chart), x-axis as date type, and y-axis as numeric values, check if you mark the axis as numeric type. 







And the x-axis must be with date type (like above), we do support date hierarchy, yet date hierarchy usually has fewer data points and anomaly detection requires >12 points or more to run a reasonable analysis.


3. Make sure you use the latest SU11 Desktop version.


If you check all and still have trouble, we may have to get your pbix (you can obfuscate your data) or online dataset access and debug on why.


I too face the same issue even though all the requirements you mentioned are fulfilled. However, one thing I have noted is that I am having this issue in pbix files where calculation groups are used. In pbix files without calculation groups, the panel comes up. Is usage of calculation groups an additional limitation?

Would you mind elaborating more on how you use the calculation group? You drag calculation group as value in line chart? Is it continuous type? 


The issue comes up irrespective of the fact whether you are using the calculation group in your visual or not. If the pbix has a calculation group created in it, the panel does not show up. To demonstrate this issue, I have created two pbix from public data – one with calculation group in it and the other without. You can see that the panel comes up in the pbix without a calculation group. Demo Files 

Nice! Thanks Gopa for the repro, yes I am able to repro it at our end. We are investigating this limitation.


Thank you so much!

@lisahua46 Any update on this?

On calculation group? I think calculation group fix should reach PowerBI Service in the next 2weeks and fixed in SU12. The detail timeline may vary considering the vacation season and PowerBI deployment plan.


Or you refer to any other issues? 

@lisahua46 Noted. Appreciate the response. 


I have the same problem as @Gopa and I remembered that when you add a Calculation Group, the setting DiscourageImplicitMeasures  must be set on True. So i've tested this, by connecting to Tabular Editor and set this setting to True (without creating a Calculation Group) and suddenly the explanations stopped working. So i think the limitation is because of this setting. 

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Thanks, Lisa.  I can confirm that my chart meets all of the requirements you listed above and still nothing happens when I select an anomaly (no anomaly pane).  


Let me know how I can get you access to my file with obfuscated data.  Thank you!

Helper I
Helper I

Do you know what is the statistical model that identifies the "Expected min value" and the "Expected max value" tresholds?

The expected min/max is controlled by sensitivity (0 - 100%). The higher the sensitivity, the more anomalies and narrow confidence interval (expected min/max).


We have some blogs to explain the SR-CNN algorithm used for anomaly detection.

- PowerBI Anomaly Detection

- Overview of SR-CNN algorithm


If you are interested in details, you may want to check the ML.Net open source library source code we use, implemented based on SR-CNN model.





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