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Share your thoughts on DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services (preview)

Hit Reply and let us know what you think of the DirectQuery for Power BI datasets and Azure Analysis Services.  To learn more about this feature, please visit this blog post or our documentation.


Here are some areas that we'd like to hear about in particular:

  • Performance
  • Query editor experience--the remote model query doesn't show up in the query editor and only in the data source settings dialog. What are your thoughts?
  • Navigator experience
  • Thoughts around governance and permissions for models that leverage this feature
  • Nesting models, i.e. building a composite model on top of a composite model
  • Automatic page refresh for live connect in composite models

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your feedback!


- The Power BI Modeling Team

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Hi @dd-david and apologies for the delay here. Wanted to make sure I repro this case and compared it to "regular" PBI datasets. In a nutshell, the PUSH datasets behaves like any other Power BI dataset in this case and transformation through Power Query is not supported since you are connectin to them using DirectQuery. That's it.


Having said that and if you don't midn me asking what type of transformation are you looking for? If it's something straighforward most likely you can do that at the model level using DAX. An example that worked in my case with PUSH: a had a very unique date format not being picked up and I added a custom column using DAX extracting the characters that I needed and done. The effect is the same and you keep the DQ connection. Let me know if that makes sense and what type of transformation you're looking at.

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I'm wondering if anyone can help me understand an error message?

I've been tinkering wth the composite models functionality,  when i connect to one of my datasets (with direct query), all of the measures within that model do not work and are flagged with the following error message:

"Cannot find data source 'DirectQuery to AS - [DATASET NAME]' in function 'EXTERNALMEASURE'

So far i have:

- Been able to connect to other datasets without issue
- Experience the same issue when connecting to this particular dataset, and this dataset alone using DQ
- Experience the same issue if i publish the dataset to another workspace
- In all scenarios i am able to recreate the measure, by writing it again, without issue and with expected results

DesktopVersion: 2.88.1144.0 64-bit (December 2020)

It feels like an issue with the dataset, i don't understand the error message well enogh to know what the problem is, particularly the EXTERNALMEASURE bit



ok, so can you give a bit more detail about the dataset in question? What source is it? Can you open the same dataset in Live connect mode without any problem? Can you share an example measure that is not working?

Helper I
Helper I

do I understand it right, when I connect to another model which has an RLS implemented which loads the security table e.g. via a dataflow that in this case we can't use the new feature? (Once published in Power BI Service)

that depends. If you need to flow RLS rules between datasets, that will not happen at the moment.

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Hi @jeroenterheerdt 

I posted this above but haven't had a response so not sure if it's been seen - 


I'm getting the same errors as people above (An error occurred while loading the model. Verify that the connection information is correct and that you have permissions to access the data source.) and assume it shouldn't be a deployment issue now - has there been any updates on this error? My colleague gets the same, we both tried connecting to datasets in premium workspaces

please open a support ticket so we can look at this in detail. thanks.

Thanks @jeroenterheerdt ! Ticket raised: 121011326000013

Resolver I
Resolver I

What is the plan/timeline to make this feature GA? 

depends on the preview :). Looking back at other features we have seen that most will go GA after spending a couple of months in public preview. This is a big feature however.

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I made a connection to 2 tabular models, both to a specific defined perspective (not the whole model). However, both tabular models where fully (whole model) loaded in Power BI, perspectives where ignored. 

Have you planned to integrate also the perspective view functionality?

Hi Pieter - the perspective should not have been ignored. What should have happened is that all tables were loaded and the tables / columns that are not part of the perspective should have loaded as hidden. If you are seeing anything else then that is not as designed.

Hi Jeroen, that's interesting. Both models are fully loaded and tables/columns that are not part of the perspective are not hidden. 

that is not what it should be. Could you paste some screenshots or send them to me in direct message?

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I have a question. Imagine a scenario where I have a connection to a dataset using a direct query. The only change I made to the second node is some calculated columns and calculated tables, with no data sources other than the original dataset. My question is: are these tables and calculated columns updated automatically when the original dataset is updated? Or do I need to configure an update interval? It may seem like a trivial question, but I know that calculated columns and tables are evaluated at load time and not at execution time, like measures. In summary, don't I need to worry about updates on sources like SSAS and the original Power B.I. dataset?

Responded to this question on the announcement blog post. Please refrain from cross-posting the same question.

Sorry about that. The discussion on the announcement blog post is no longer available. I will post your answer to the question here to help others in the community:

"Thanks - your tables / calculated columns in your section are not updated automatically, you will need to refresh it. You are correct the calculated columns are evaluated at load time."

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Hi Guys,

This feature is superb.
Unfortunately it is resetting all defined sorting in the model.
So if you are using "Sort by colmun" in your model and you will refresh the model locally with "DirectQuery.." feature on, your "Sort by column" will be resetted to default.
I hope you will patch it up asap 🙂


Hi Radek,


thanks - this is a known issue and will be fixed shortly.

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Great new feature that enables many new possibilities. I ran into an issue when sharing a report that uses mixed storage (DirectQuery for a Power BI dataset and an imported excel file). 

When I design the report at first with a Live connection to the Power BI dataset and publish it, the visuals perform well for both myself as owner of the report and also for another user with whom I shared the report.


But things change when I add an import file to the model and Power BI Desktop adds a local model and transforms the Live connection a DirectQuery connection with the related Power BI dataset. After publishing and sharing, the owner of the report can still view all data in the visuals, but the user with whom I’ve shared the report find the visuals unable to load the data from the Power BI dataset. 


The error message reads:

Activiteits-id: 130bad53-793d-4ef9-b998-41c68325a794

Aanvraag-id: f1fc14b5-fa7e-c3a9-42c3-b298370d78ed

Correlatie-id: faaa88ce-c448-d493-65c7-1c5065cde202

Tijd: Sat Jan 09 2021 12:22:30 GMT+0100 (Midden-Europese standaardtijd)

Serviceversie: 13.0.15022.68

Versie van client: 2012.2.04142-train

URI cluster:


And the screen looks like this:
Schermafbeelding 2021-01-09 om 12.22.52.jpg

Any suggestions what goes wrong here?

Although I was tempted to respond to your post in Dutch, I'll stick to English. I am not sure what is going on here, this should work fine. Are you sure the user can dataset? Also, is the Excel file accessible (through at Gateway)?

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