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clairermarsh Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Shape map custom map, tool tip issues



I'm trying to use the Shape Map visuals Custom Map functionality, I've successully added my topojson map to Power Bi and it is displaying as expected. 


However when I hover over the differnt areas the Map Keys tool tips display the exact same information for each area, in addition the value for each areas doesn't appear in the tooltip either. I opened up the map key and there aren't any duplicates there.




Any ideas on how I can fix this, even if I could just remove the tool tip from the map that would be great. 





Well, I'm going to answer my own question here, just in case someone else has the same issue.


Ok so I "think" my issue was twofold


1. I had too many map keys, I just used the LGA shapefile as provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics which has attributes such as area etc. that were converted into map keys, I think there were too many to display in the tooltip so the Value was not displaying


2. My topojson file was too big, even though I had simplified it to 5% (6,950KB File size) in 


To fix my issue I removed non essential attributes from my shapefile attribute table, therefore reducing the no. of Map Keys, then converted the new shapefile to topojson format at 2% simplification (566KB File size).


I'm using the LGA Code map key as the location as it is unique. There are some LGA Names that are duplicated in Auatralia and I guess Shape Map goes with the first value it comes across which in my case was not in South Australia, my chosen area, when I tried to used LGA Area as my map key a handful of my areas were greyed out and while the map key was displayed the Value was not.






These are just my thoughts on how I fixed my issue, so give it a go if you experience the same.