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Seeking data sets for dax practice

Hey community,


Firstly I'm looking for suitable dataset sources, preferably public ones, to practice dax functions. Recently I've made use of the data sets on however there are not many large ones. Creating my own data sets/databases is also an option however they dont provide the unpredictability and true randomness of real world data.


Also any decent ebooks/tutorials/websites which illustrate the use dax functions in many real world scenarios with an emphasis on application. The examples on the the official site do not click well with me.



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Re: Seeking data sets for dax practice

Hi @danielc,


You can use AdventureWorks sample database to practice dax functions. SQL Server introduces the Adventure Works Cycles company. This company with its business scenarios, employees, and products is the basis for the following sample databases: 

  • AdventureWorks sample OLTP database

  • AdventureWorksDW sample data warehouse

  • AdventureWorksAS sample analysis services database




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