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Seek help on why suddenly i need go to advance editor to remove load 2 field , then i can refresh ?

Hi All,


I have one PBI file which is working fine for last 2 year , recently unable to refresh since last 1 week.


It take me a lot of time to find out the cause of the problem. why unable to refresh ? 

Each time i refresh i will get below error :-



Then i go to PQ editor , after wait for a while to refresh , the error display below :-



I realise the error is cause by PBI last 2 week not load all the field , the last field it load Bill To Country Code.


Below is my Raw data field , it refuse to load last 2 field name ( Stop load from Bill To Country Code ) :-


When i go to advance editor , i edit the script by remove those last 2 field name , now my PBI can refresh :-


So now i seek the expert advise what are the reasons can cause the above issue ?

Hope some one can give me advise. So that when this issue happen again , i know how to sovle it. As this issue will cause another issue , that is this table append to another table. and cause my whole PBI report not working. 


Remark :-

1. Raw data i never add or remove field for last 2 year. Meaning not cause by raw data i put at sharePoint.

2. Why when i edit the script by remove load last 2 field , then it work ? In the first place why suddenly it refuse to load all the field ? that cause i need to edit the script.

3.When i create a new PBI file , i load file by sharepoint , and i confirm i can load all field. ( I refer to able to load the last 2 field name ) , why out of sudden my PBI suddenly refuse to load last 2 field ? 








What is the format of your source data?  Is it CSV?  When you first load a csv, it hard codes the number of columns into the load step. If the number of columns changes later, they won't get picked up later. I suggest you click on the step before the load csv step, then load the csv again. This should retrigger the correct number of columns. Remove the old csv load step. 

* Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.


Thank you for reply my post , appreciate very much. 

I have follow your step , it work , it can manage to load all the field. 

The above approach is same as i remove the script on not loading last 2 field name. Which i am still not able to know why this happen ? ( As it will need to append the SALES_I table with SALE , i need to manually rename SALES_I field name same as SALES in order to append ). Hope you can other advise to me ?



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