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Search Lat Longs in Map

Hi everyone!


I have created a report using Arcgis Visual, and I would like to know if there is a way of searching a random lat long.


Much like in google maps, I would like to have a tool to where when you input lat;long coordinates, the map zooms in there, allowing me to see what is around.


Next step (and assuming the exposed below is possible) would be to filter my data within "xmiles" from the input lat long.


Thank you in advance!



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Re: Search Lat Longs in Map

Hi @rcalvo,


I don't think there is an option for searching a random lat long on ArcGis map or other maps with Power BI currently. Here is a simila idea shared on Power BI Ideas forum. You can vote it up and add your comments there to improve Power BI on this feature. Smiley Happy