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Scatter Chart - Minimum Point Size



Having a real issue with the scatter chart in PBI.  I can't get the smallest value to go smaller than a certain size.


Do we know if this is being worked on by the development team or is there a workaround anyone knows on?





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A colleague of mine Dan has found a solution to this as I was having the same problem.  The size property on the visual is your scaling factor, the marker size in the format menu is the start point.  What threw me and others above is that the marker size start point when using scaling is different vs not using scaling.  That makes little sense to me but anyway... the solution here is that you can actually set the marker size (the start point) to a negative amount, up to minus 30 (-30).  That should really help, it did for me 😊.

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Great spot, this seems to have been an update the original minimum was 5

Edit, it solves the min size issue but the scaling of smallest vs largest still seems to be a problem
Screenshot 2scatter.png




If you have any concern on this feature, you can submit your idea on the link below. If this feature was mentioned by multiple users, product team will consider to add this feature to the future release.




Community Support Team _ Cherie Chen
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

This is a really problematic issue. I have created the same chart in both Power BI and Excel to compare the difference.

The chart in Power BI suffers from the minimum dot sizes being far too large (and so misrepresenting the data).






















The version in Excel is a vast improvement, so much clearer...





@JONATHANPARKER @drwillparry  Did you ever manage to resolve this? we are hitting the same issue.



Hi there,

I haven't used it recently, but no, I didn't find a solution at the time. I ended up using Excel for that plot.



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