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esterbluskova Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Same days last year - discontinous period


I would be glad for your help. I am solving the problem of calculating of last year's sales.

I have 2 tables:


Sales table:

Date, ShopNumber, EAN, Turnover,



Date, Month


My calculation of SUM of turnover is now:

Sum Turnover Last Year :=
    SUM ( [Turnover] );


BUT, when someone choose on slicer discontinuos period, my calculation is wrong.

discontinous period.PNGdiscontinuos slicer

Have you any ideas?

Thank you so much.


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Same days last year - discontinous period

Hi @esterbluskova,


Based on my assumption, these existing a relationship between Sales table and CalendarTable. [FIRSTDATELASTYEAR] and [LASTDAYLASTYEAR] are two measures return last year dates dynamically based on slicer selection, right?


I would suggest you remove the table relationship. Then, add a last year dates column in calendar table.

LY = DATEADD('calendar'[Date].[Date],-1,YEAR)




Sum Turnover Last Year =
    SUM ( [Turnover] ),
    FILTER (
        'Sales Table',
        'Sales Table'[Date] >= [FIRSTDATELASTYEAR]
            && 'Sales Table'[Date] <= [LASTDAYLASTYEAR]

Best regards,

Yuliana Gu

Community Support Team _ Yuliana Gu
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esterbluskova Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Same days last year - discontinous period

Hi Yuliana,


Thank you for your reply. I try your calculation and it works great. But it has same problem as my calculation.


For example. If my turnover is every day same: 100 Eur. and I choose on slicer: 2 days: 2.1.2018 and 4.1.2018.


Correct calculation is 200 Eur, but now it show me 300 Eur. (it incude 3.1.2018)


It is caused by filter:

        'Sales Table'[Date] >= [FIRSTDATELASTYEAR]
            && 'Sales Table'[Date] <= [LASTDAYLASTYEAR]

And the question is how to create filter, which select same days as in slicer.


Thank you.

Best Regars