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SUM Rank

Hi all, 


I have applied some rankings to 4 criteria as measures with rankings from 1 to 70. I am looking at suming the ranking measures to give me an overall ranking score.


Any ideas on how to do this? I was hoping to simply sum(rank by debt,rank by increase) etc. 





According to my understand, you want to sum all rank measures and then rank ,right?

You could use the following formula:


Create a column for sum of all rank:

sumRank =
[Rank by Debt] + [Rank by Debt Accs] + [Rank by Avg.Increase] + [Rank by No of Acc Change]
finalRank =
RANKX ( ALL ( 'Table' ), CALCULATE ( MAX ( 'Table'[sumRank] ) ),, DESC )

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If not, please upload some insensitive data samples and expected output.


Best Regards,

Eyelyn Qin

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@DLROLLINGS , not very clear .Can you share sample data and sample output in table format? Or a sample pbix after removing sensitive data.


You can try like


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HI Amit

Hopefully the following clears things up


AreaRank By DebtRank By Debt AccsRank By Avg. IncreaseRank By No of Acc Change


So the above have been calculated using the following Rank by Debt = RANKX(ALL(Data[Local Authority Type]),[Current Debt],,DESC)


The current debt calculation is amended for Average Increase, Debt accounts and change in debt accounts. The data behind these is a weekly debt balance every Sunday using Max/Min based on a date slicer. 
I would like to add a column on the end that gives me an "Overall Ranking". Ideally, I would like the ranking to be something like the above 1-70 which would mean something like  = RANKX(ALL(Data[Local Authority Type]),[SUM OF ALL RANKINGS],,DESC) However I would just settle for being able to sum the ranking scores and sort the order. 
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@DLROLLINGS This looks like a measure aggregation problem. See my blog article about that here:

The pattern is:
MinScoreMeasure = MINX ( SUMMARIZE ( Table, Table[Group] , "Measure",[YourMeasure] ), [Measure])
MaxScoreMeasure = MAXX ( SUMMARIZE ( Table, Table[Group] , "Measure",[YourMeasure] ), [Measure])
AvgScoreMeasure = AVERAGEX ( SUMMARIZE ( Table, Table[Group] , "Measure",[YourMeasure] ), [Measure])
SumScoreMeasure = SUMX( SUMMARIZE ( Table, Table[Group] , "Measure",[YourMeasure] ), [Measure])



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