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Row-level-security conditional bookmark navigation

Row-level-security conditional bookmark navigation




I would like to create a navigation whereby based on row-level-security (RLS) the user is going to different bookmarks on the same page. 

I found a very good solution for conditional RLS page level navigation at:

Page (Tab) Level Security & Conditional Navigation in Power BI! (

My PowerBI document is too big to create different pages from all the different bookmarks, therefore this is unfortunately not an option.


The page level navigation example used a measure which could be integrated in the "fx part" of the "action" format button (please see the picture below). Unfortunately for the bookmarks, there is no such "fx option"and therefore I am not able to use a measure in the bookmark "action"format button: 



Does anybody know a workaround to this, so I can use RLS conditional bookmark navigation?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Community Support
Community Support

Hi  @Anonymous ,


Based on my understanding,you dont need to create multiple pages,you just want people to see different visuals containing related data,right?

If so,using dynamic RLS is enough,check the blog below:


Best Regards,

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On the first page let's say I have 5 visuals. These visuals include a layer on top of it for navigation to another page.

For example:

Main page visual one links (without RLS) to bookmark 1 on detailpage 2. This is the page the CEO sees and uses.

Now, when busines unit International logs in (using RLS), I want visual one to link to bookmark 2 on detailpage 2 (instead of bookmark 1 of detailpage 1). Is this possible? Thank you for your feedback.

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