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Rolling 3 Months Sales Forecast Snapshots

Hi All,


I have monthly snapshot of my CRM that captures all opportunities and key information:


Snapshot DateAccountForecast DateAmount


I'm trying to create a measure from this table that sums the amount for any opportunity scheduled to close 3 months from the snapshot date. I've tried the following, 


Rolling = CALCULATE(SUM('OppHistory'[Amount]),FILTER('OppHistory','OppHistory'[Forecast Date]>='OppHistory'[Snapshot Date]),FILTER('OppHistory','OppHistory'[Forecast Date]<=DATEADD('OppHistory'[Snapshot Date],3,MONTH)))


but for some reason, when I put this into a chart where the axis is "snapshot date" it cuts off the last two months. Can anyone help me with this measure?

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Re: Rolling 3 Months Sales Forecast Snapshots



The answer should be 5000.  This measure works


=SUMX(FILTER(SUMMARIZE(Data,[Snapshot Date],[Account],"ABCD",EDATE(MIN([Snapshot Date]),3),"EFGH",MIN([Forecast Date]),"IJKL",SUM(Data[Amount])),[EFGH]<=[ABCD]),[IJKL])


Hope this helps.