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GGDAC Helper I
Helper I

Rolling 12 months total and Average

Dear Team I have below table with answer which I want to derive in my meansure. I want last 12 months sales total and monthly average based on my date table which is displayed in my slicer

  Month - Dec

Year - 2019    



Super User IV
Super User IV

Re: Rolling 12 months total and Average


Try like

Sales Value Last 12M =
VAR  _End = EOMONTH(Sales[Date],0)
VAR  _Star = DATE(YEAR(_EndDate),MONTH(_EndDate) - 12,1)
CALCULATE(SUM(Sales[Value]), DATESBETWEEN(Sales [Date], _Start, __End))

Average Value Last 12M =
VAR  _End = EOMONTH(Sales[Date],0)
VAR  _Star = DATE(YEAR(_EndDate),MONTH(_EndDate) - 12,1)
CALCULATE(Average(Sales[Value]), DATESBETWEEN(Sales [Date], _Start, __End))


in matrix you can use show on row to show you measure on the row. And put month on column.

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sanalytics Helper I
Helper I

Re: Rolling 12 months total and Average

 Please follow the below steps,

first, create a calculated table with your Month Name (like, Jan, Feb etc) and month Number. (Make sure, this calculated table should not have any relationship with your date table)
Put the calculated table's month name into a matrix visual. 
I think you have already put Year and Monthname from your date table into slicer and selected your desire month and year.
Now, create below measures,


Last 12 Months Sale = CALCULATE([Total Sales],DATEADD('Calendar'[Date],-12,MONTH) )
Total Sales  =
CALCULATE([Last 12 Months Sale],FILTER(ALL('Calendar'),CONTAINS(VALUES('Table'[Month]),'Table'[Month],'Calendar'[Month]) && MAX('Table'[Index])<=MAX('Calendar'[MonthNum]) && 'Calendar'[Year]=MAX('Calendar'[Year]) ) )

Now, Drag the total sales into matrix visual which you have created by your calculated table month name. It will show your desired result.
I think, you can achieve the average part same way.

Hope it will help you..



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