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Reports refreshing, but no data is displayed in visuals

Okay at this point I am getting fairly upset.  Yesterday night after a long day's work I logged into my report from BI service at home and everything loaded fine, but no data was showing.  It was odd, but I did the only sensible thing and refreshed the report... nothing.


Opened up my Onedrive and opened the file on desktop.  Sure enough... nothing.  After an hour of pure agony I gave up.  Next day (today) I go into work and open the file on my work PC.  Hit refresh and it prompts me to re-login to my database.  Sure enough it fixes the issue.  


Now I am literally in the exact same place tonight.  Nothing is showing again.  When I hit refresh it loads successfully, but everything is blank.  I am about to throw my laptop out the window.  I am not sure if this is a Onedrive issue or a power bi issue, but I have tried everything that I can think of.


Data refreshing issue on desktop/service

Okay so yesterday my sales manager contacted me asking why the data was not showing on the report within the BI service.  Sure enough none of the data was showing.  I logged in through my laptop at my home address and refreshed the data without issue, but it did not fix the problem.  After messing with it for an hour I just gave up.


I am now at work and I opened the file once more through my personl onedrive.  Sure enough, I hit the refresh button and the server was disconnected.  Why would I not get that prompt on my laptop and how can I prevent this from happening?


The server/datamart is hostedon Azure.  


Bonus questions: is it possible to make shapes with no fill layer not clickable/selectable?  When a user clicks a shape and then tries to use the drop-down it won't actually work.  You have to click somewhere else and then click on the dropdown.

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Reports refreshing, but no data is displayed in visuals

hi, @Black_magic100

For first question,

Here are some similar post for you refer to:


and for second question, you could add a border for slicer.

select slicer ->Format-> Border


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