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TommyD91 New Member
New Member

Removing duplicated text across 2 columns using power query



I have a bit of an odd query which I hope one of you specialists can assist me with.


I use PowerQuery with SalesForce and I am trying to use it to align some of our account territories.


I currently have a table that looks like this,




this is accounts that I want to change associated territories of. I want row 2 to have only in the territory to drop field, ";TM DD 4;DD Field 4;" and I want territory to add to be blank as i do not need to add the DD 5 territory, it is already there.


Is there a way that power query can parse the rows and recognise duplications between the semi colon delimiters and remove if they appear in both territory to drop and territory to add. Essentially, I don't want to be dropping and adding the same territories.


Any help on this would be vert much apreciated.

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Removing duplicated text across 2 columns using power query


I would suggest you to consider the operation "Split columns", funtion 'Text contains".


Best Regards