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Relationship with calculated table doesn't appear when using dataset as data source

We have a dataset using a star schema, which is used as a data source for several reports. This works fine, however one issue we have is that a couple of dimension tables have thousands of entries, so the filters on those are rather inconvenient to use.


So I looked into a couple of options to reduce the fields by only keeping the ones whose keys are present in the fact table. One option that seemed feasible, is to create a filtered copy of the dimension table (via CALCULATETABLE(Dimension, Fact)) and then create a 1-1 relationship between both, using the filtered copy to filter. This works when tested in a report within the dataset file itself.


When importing the published dataset for use in another report however, the relationship between the dimension table and the filtered calculated table does not show up and the filter therefore won't work. What could be the reason of this?


Super User
Super User

Powerbi didn't auto-create the relationship?  Try to create it manually and see if there are any feedback messages.

The relationship is already in the model, but it's gone when you connect a different report/PBIX file to it. It doesn't seem possible to make any manual changes to the model of reports that use another dataset to get data, so it can't be reinstated there.


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