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Relationship between queries imports from other datasets - data missing in table


I have 2 queries in my report. 1 is a query imported from a local source (Query 1). The other query is imported from another dataset (Query 2). 

I've created a many to one relationship between the unique ID numbers, which are common in both queries. The Unique ID may not necessarily be in 'Query 2'. 

I have created a table in a report to show every line in 'Query 1', however, I want to add a column from 'Query 2' to this table. When I add this column, it removes the lines where those Unique IDs are not in Query 2.

How do I still keep those lines in Query 1 which do not have a link to Query 2, in the table visual, please? Just to show that particular cell as 'blank' in the table for the column I am adding from 'Query 2'

FYI - I have tried clicking the 'show items with no data' on the new column, but it 'errors' with too many lines being imported


Super User
Super User

Hi @JoeBrown7!
You can go to the field on your visual, right click on it and select "Show items with no data", that should do it.



Let me know if that helps!

Thanks for the reply Pablo. When I select this option, it then takes forever to load, and then when it does it says data is too large. The actual table in 'Query 2' is only maximum 10,000 lines. So, I wasn't sure if I was doing it right, or selecting the correct thing. Any thoughts on what could be causing this please ?

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