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Regularly refreshed report that triggers alert based on change in data

Dear community,


I would to use Power BI to set up a report where the source data is refreshed once a week. From this report, I would like to trigger alerts (say, an email), every time there is a significant change in a certain metric when the report is updated.


Can some of you illustrate a best practice to structure this, perhaps sharing an example. My specific questions are:

  • How do I set up the data structure so that the report stores the same data observed different points in time? (For example, shall I include a timestamp as a field in the report in the table where the values change, or is there another better way of doing it). What is the best data source type for my objective?
  • Is there a capability that allows to trigger alerts based on a certain threshold of change from the most recent “observation” of the data compared to the previous?
  • What is the way in Power BI to

Since these are a few questions at once, is there an accessible sample report that has these functionalities that I can study from?


Thanks in advance for your help,

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Re: Regularly refreshed report that triggers alert based on change in data

Hi @lucasiragusa,

For Question1,

This Question seems to be a little blanket type requirement. There are a huge number of sources supported by Power BI and each of the source will have it's own pros and cons. A Little more details on the specifics might help provide you some help


For Question 2, there is no direct facility to perform an alert to get triggered from the report when there is a certain amount of change based on thresholds.

Instead, you can add a something like a card visual that shows the amount of change in the attribute based on thresholds already set.

This can be triggered every week once when there is a dataset refresh


For Question3, 

There is something called Subscriptions in Power BI. You can ask the users to subscribe for the report of their interest.

Alternatively you can also subscribe the users who should receive a particular report in Power BI Service


The Below 2 links will provide some light on the Subscriptions

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Re: Regularly refreshed report that triggers alert based on change in data

hi, @lucasiragusa

You may try to set Data alerts in Power BI service, create a measure and drag it into a card visual and set alert for it.



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