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Reg. Report Filter implementation



WE are using Report Level Filter to implement a functionality to display data based on CLient Number.


I am using the basic filter to achive the same.


Question is, for implementation of filter,

Power BI brings all the data  (e.g 10 clients) & then applies filter in UI


Power BI sends the filter condition to database to filter the data



Super User
Super User



The filter condition is sent to the database only when you specify the filter condition with a formula such as in a CALCULATE() funtion.

Ashish Mathur

@Ashish_Mathur: Thank you for the reply. 

We are using direct query and we have added a "Report Level Filter" and passing the value to this report level filter using URL prameter

So, when we login to the report using this URL with parameter set for one client, will Power-BI executes the query for all clients first and then filter for the selected client on the report level? 


Or will it directly apply to my Where clause on the SQL it self? 


Let's take this example this is my DAX formula: 

VAR Min_Date = MIN ( PowerBiDistinct[PyAsOfDate] )
VAR Max_Date = MAX ( PowerBiDistinct[AsOfDate] )
VAR Result =
     [Total Incurred],
    'PowerBiDistinct'[NODays] < 180,
    PowerBiDistinct[Status (As Of)] = "CL",
    PowerBiDistinct[Close Date (As Of)] >= Min_Date,
    PowerBiDistinct[Close Date (As Of)] <= Max_Date

IF(ISBLANK(Result), 0 Result)


So, in this case will my query send the client filter to do my Min_Date and Max_Date?

Let say Client ABC has the Min_Date = 15-Jun-2016 and Max_Date = 28-Jun-2018

And Client XYZ has the Min_Date = 10-Nov-2016 and Max_Date = 31-Aug-2018


When I supply Client "XYZ" as my report level filter, will my result set will be 

Min_Date = 10-Nov-2016 and Max_Date = 31-Aug-2018


Min_Date = 15-Jun-2016 and Max_Date =31-Aug-2018

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