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Real Estate Data - Filter by Time and Location

Hello everybody,

I want to set up a report for occupancy tracking in real estate. Here ist the sample Power BI file:


There are two data sets in the sample file, one for supply and one for demand.


In the supply sheet the ID is a unique identifier, on the demand side each location can occur several times.


The data sets are connected by two tables, one for geography and one for time. Geography and supply should be connected by an 1:1 relation but I cannot select this.


Please see the reports in the sample file. I can calculate the number of free workstations - using demand and supply datasets - with correct results and also show it in a graph in the third sheet. But as soon as I want to filter the measure "free workstations" by location or department I get wrong values.


Would be great if you have a solution for me


Thanks in advance!


Super User
Super User


Geography and supply should be connected by an 1:1 relation but I cannot select this.


Your supply table also contains the year. Your data model is correct as it is.


Note the blue i  warning.



You could change the measure to 

free workstations = max(0,sum(supply[workstations])-sum(demand[pax]))



Thank you very much for your advice!


Now I understand that the tree map only shows positive values.


So what I did now is to create two measures one for missing workspaces and one for free workspaces. I did not use the max function because then the negative values are cut although they are needed in the model.


There was an additional mistake. In the first version of the model the treemap charts did not make use of the geography table.


Obviously you always have to use the help tables for time and geography, otherwise you will receive wrong results.


You find the corrected model here:


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