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ubo Frequent Visitor
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Radar Chart

I have a dataset that contains numeric product attributes in separate fields and would like to display these in a radar chart. The radar chart does not seem allow information to be displayed in that way (at least to my logic), i.e. creating a usable radar chart.


In another report I have the radar chart working on text based category data where it is simply counting the incidence of the category information, i.e. I have a single field in the chart (Y-axis, count) and the same field in "category".


Does anyone have a custom solution radar chart that's configured to work with multiple fields in the y-axis?


Moderator v-sihou-msft

Re: Radar Chart



In Radar Chart, we can't put numeric field into Category. Since this is numeric value is a product attribute, you can change it into "Text" under Modeling tab. 


On Y-Axis, you must put a numeric field or measure. If you put a text based filed, it will resolved with "count" aggregation type.


It's supported to include multiple fields (must be numeric) on Y-axis in Radar Chart. See my screenshot below:









ubo Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Radar Chart

Thanks, I'll give this a shot with my data once I've reformatted.