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RLS Power BI - FIlter Sales Representative



I need some help. I have a slicer with name of users. These users are sales representative, and i need to create a role to filter this users. For example, i have John, Mark and Peter. When John, for example, open the report, he can only see his name on the slicer. 


I only have a table with names, like John Walls, Mark Stones and Peter William, not a column with mails. 


But the names are a alias, and and the alias has an email associated with the tennant ad. I have to create a role, and use like: [sales_rep_name] = USERNAME(), and on power bi service i need to put all the names on this role? 

Thanks and best regards. 

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Re: RLS Power BI - FIlter Sales Representative

That could work, maybe.


Alternatively, you could just create 3 roles like:


John Walls role:

[sales_rep_name] = "John Walls"


Mark Stones role:

[sales_rep_name] = "Mark Stones"


Peter William role:

[sales_rep_name] = "Peter William"


In the Service, assign each user to his/her role.

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Re: RLS Power BI - FIlter Sales Representative

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your reply. I know, but i have 86 usernames, that’s the problem :/. Do one by one, it's very exhausting.

Once again, thanks and best regards.