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RLS Issue when two True Values are found



I'm having an issue to get my RLS function to work when for a specific use i get two true values.
Power BI apparentely bugs and keeps trying to load for 10-15min  then it says viasuals exeeded limits.

RLS Function: Country = User_Country
User_Country = LOOKUPVALUE('User'[Country];'User'[Name];[UserName])

Eg.: For Bob, i wan't to filer a list to show only the countries he should see. For John and JAck RLS works perfectly.

'User' List
Name            | Country
Bob                | US
Bob                | France
John               | China
Jack                | UK

Does anyones knows how to solve this?

I've tried to change the acesss list ot looik like this, yet it did not work:

Name             | Country
Bob                | US || France


Bob | US ; France

Thanks for your help!


Re: RLS Issue when two True Values are found



I'm not sure if I understand your scenario correctly. Based on your description, if you have two tables with 1:* relationship as below.


RLS Issue when two True Values are found_1.jpg


You can try to define the RLS function like:


[Country] = CONCATENATEX( FILTER( User, User[Name] = [UserName] ), User[Country], " ; " )

RLS Issue when two True Values are found_2.jpg


Best Regards,

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