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RANKX Assigning Duplicate Values

I am having trouble using the RANKX function. I have two tables. One is a table with inventory values that contains the measure INV $ (The measure is just a sum of the inventory $ column). The other is a dimensional table containing the item numbers and other descriptive information about each item we sell. These two tables are joined on an item key. 


I have a table in Power BI that shows the measure INV $ grouped by Item Family. I have shown a sample table below. 


Family          INV $               Rank

Family 1       $1,000,000        1

Family 2       $998,000           2

Family 3       $997,000           3

Family 4       $996,000           3

Family 5       $995,000           5

Family 6       $994,000           5



The formula I am using is  

Rank = RANKX(ALLSELECTED('Dim Item'[Family]), [INV $],,DESC,Dense)


For some reason, it is duplicating ranks for families that clearly have different values for INV $. I know this may be hard without seeing the actual data and file, but does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?



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For those having this issue I was able to solve it with the below formula:

[Rank] := 
IF (
HASONEVALUE ( 'Dim Item'[Family] ), 
RANKX(ALLSELECTED('Dim Item'[Family]), [INV $],,DESC,Dense)

I have no clue why IF HASONEVALUE made the difference however, I've posted the question to the original site:

New Member

Has there been any solution to this issue? I am also experience the same problem with RANKX.

I have the same issue, please help


Hi @rhouse,


Could you try the formula below to see if it works? Smiley Happy


Rank = RANKX ( ALL ( 'Dim Item' ), [INV $],, DESC, DENSE )



Thanks for the reply! I tried it, but unfortunately that did not work. I ended up with larger chunks of duplicate ranks. I should also mention I do have other filters on the item table in the report that I need the rank to take into consideration, so I am not sure if ALL is what I need or not. I am just starting to learn more complicated DAX though, so sometimes I get confused.

Hi @rhouse,


Could you post your table structures(including table relationships) with some sample data, so that we can help further investigate on this issue? It's better that you can also share a sample pbix file if possible. You can upload it to OneDrive or Dropbox and post the link here. Do mask sensitive data before uploading. Smiley Happy



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