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R visual

Hi there


According to the link below, network3D is supported on powerbi desktop / service.


so I loaded the data as in using R Script through Get Data in powerbi desktop


# Create fake data
src <- c("A", "A", "A", "A",
        "B", "B", "C", "C", "D")
target <- c("B", "C", "D", "J",
            "E", "F", "G", "H", "I")
networkData <- data.frame(src, target)


Then on a new page, I use R Script visualisation and select target and src from my table


then put R script in





I received a message No image was created. The R code didnt result in creation in any visuals....


where did I go wrong?

Many thanks



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any updates on this topic? Im having the same problem

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I am running into same issue a @Pedzilla. It seems Simplemnetwork function of NetworkD3 package generates an html file which seems not supported in PowerBI.


If someone could give an idea on how to use NetworkD3 to generate graphs in Powerbi Desktop i would be very thankful

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@Pedzilla i think you have download the r visuals you cant load them in the same way you do it in r


unless i misunderstand you?

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Hi there

Thats the bit that I am confused.

It is not a custom visual - its an R script called Network3D which I apply to visualise my dashboard but it doesnt seem to work however according to the link it is supported.


Unless the article refers to the developers who want to develop R custom visuals?


@Pedzilla its not a custom visual in R, but its a custom visual in Power BI.  can you not download it from the store?  what i am saying have you downloaded the visual you need from the store?  



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Hi there


so this paragraph of the article mentions:


For Power BI Desktop has two variations for R packages:

  • For R visuals, you can install any package, including custom R packages
  • For Custom R visuals, only public CRAN packages are supported for auto-installation of the packages

So I have the right package installed (as i could run the sample successfully in RStudio)

However when i do this in desktop i got the error message.


There is no R custom visual Network3D to download from office store.


I downloaded other R custom visuals in the past and it worked fine e.g corrplot, decision tree fancyplot etc...


I just wonder if I have to develop Network3D of my own and import it as custom visual for this to work?


Hope this makes sense?

Many thanks

Hi @Pedzilla,

After research, Network3D is R package. You want to create R visual using the sample given. There are two methods.

1. You should create a resource table in Power BI desktop as follows。


Then you add a R visual, select src and target columns as values, it will generates the dataframe automatically, and you can not change it. Type the R script in the zone highlighted in green line, and click run. You will get expected result.


2. You can run r scrip in R visual, and get the data from R scrip, more details in this blog. Then create the desired visual.

Best Regards,

Hi there

Thats what I did  - I guess I didnt realise that for this to work on PowerBI Service I need to create a custom visual myself 😞

Never mind...

Hi @Pedzilla,

You can create a R visual in Power BI deskyop, then publish it to service. We can not create a R visual in Power BI service.


@Pedzilla it does make sense and i think you probably would have to because the only way to use a visual in power bi is to import it in, you can't generate it

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