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Advocate II
Advocate II

Quickbooks Online Authentication Error

Hi all,


I'm working to query QBO data and reciving the errors below when attempting to login.






Choosing yes or no on each error message has no bearing on the outcome. So far in order to trouble shoot this I've:

  1. Cleared all data source settings
  2. Reinstalled PBI with the lates version (Aug 2020)
  3. Confirmed my login works to access quickbooks on a web browser

I'm running out of ideas of what else to troubleshoot and all sugestions are welcome, Thanks!




Frequent Visitor

@GreyDuck Thanks for the update. Keep us posted.

Helper II
Helper II

Still no luck getting QBO data refreshed in Power BI Desktop.  Anyone heard any updates on getting this fixed?

Hi all,


@julsh41  looks like they've updated this to a global issue on the PBI support dashboard.


Estimates on a resolution estimate is due to be delivered today.

I'll update the post as I confirm that the issue is resolved on my end.


Edit* New eta for a fix is 9/23


Looks like maybe no fix until March 2021? Hopefully a workaround sooner. Anyone have any ideas for solving this? My whole reporting process depends on QBO.


How hard is it to set up a Stitch to AWS-type sync? Any one have any other ideas?




Yes, hopefully they find a work around pretty soon.  This is pretty disappointing, and my reporting is completly dependant as well.  

Advocate II
Advocate II

Hi all,


Update as of 9/24:




Looks like we no longer have an eta for the short term fix and a long term fix set to be put in place 3/31/21.

This update is deeply frustrating for those of us with production dashboards and reports that rely on this data.

If anyone is interested in a hosted solution, please feel free to reach out to me at


I've also been exploring a data warehouse solution. Let us know if you find something that works well.


I set up Stitch to connect in to QBO and it's working really well so far. I ended up with the same set of tables. I haven't started moving the PQ queries to point to the new source yet though. Doesn't look like it will be that difficult though.


I set Stitch up to replicate the QBO database every 30 minutes into our Amazon RDS Postgres database. I have no idea what all was involved on the Postgres side - our engineering team handled that. Since we already had an integration with another source set up it only took them a few minutes to get me up and running. Not sure how hard it would have been otherwise. Stitch seems to have things pretty well automated though.


One thing I ran into was fixing a weird certificate issue with AWS. Wasn't too bad to fix once I found this article:


Good luck! Can't believe there's still not ETA for a fix! $100/mo to Stitch will end up being money well spent though.

Sooo...over two weeks and no update.  So am I to take that as my reports won't be useful until March of 2021?

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Received an update from my Microsoft support case that there is still not ETA for a resolution.

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