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Question on Dynamic Measure

Hi -
I have a question i am having a tough time figuring out the answer to..
Basically what i want to do is this. Suppose i have product sales at a monthly-store level like below. And i have a bunch of auxilary store measures like Squarefootage, what type of store, who is store manager etc..
Basically what i want to do is, when someone clicks on a Product from a filter, i need to know share of Sales for that product in that product type for the selected time period... More like market share for my Product, in example below, for selected time period (Month #1), My brand share is 20% , as my share is 20 / (20 + 30 + 50) for Product Type Apparel...(so i will want this # to be updated dynamically for any combination of filters the users may apply)
Please let me know and i will be forever grateful!
Example below
Product - Store - Sales - Month - Product Type - Brand
A               1           20         1            Apparel     - MyBrand
B               1           30         1            Apparel       Competitor Brand
C               1           50         1           Apparel         Competitor2 Brand
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Re: Question on Dynamic Measure



You have not shared enough data to think of a robut solution.  Try this measure




Select any product in the slicer/filter.